‘Law & Order SVU’ 1704 Benson’s Townhouse Incident Recap

law & order 1704 bensons townhouse incident recap 2016 images

law & order 1704 bensons townhouse incident recap 2016 imagesLaw & Order: SVU 1704 Recap

On this week’s episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Benson’s babysitter, Lucy, told her that the other family she babysits for told her they didn’t need her to walk their son Luka to school that morning because he had strep throat. Lucy became suspicious and told Benson that Luka’s mother was acting strange, and she had marks on her neck. Benson then went to the family’s house to talk to Luka’s mother.
As soon as Benson went into the house a man named Joe grabbed her and pushed her up against the closed door with a gun. When she tried to talk to him, he punched her in the face. At the police station, a call came in about a rape in Chelsea. They texted Benson to tell her about the rape, but the man with the gun had her phone and refused to give it back to her.

Stacey, the rape victim in Chelsea, and her husband Glen, talked to the police about what happened. Stacey said the man didn’t actually rape her, but he came close to doing so. The cops caught the attempted rapist on the roof of a nearby building. They sent a text to Benson’s phone telling her so, but Joe still wouldn’t let her have it. His accomplice, Roxie, was told by Benson to go after him after he grabbed the boy’s mother and drug her out of the room at gunpoint. Benson wanted to do something to help, but Roxie punched her in the face.

Roxie then agreed to let Benson comfort Luke. Benson said she knew Roxie was upset because her boyfriend Joe had raped Luka’s 16-year-old sister. Then Lucy went to the station and told Sonny she was worried about Benson because she hadn’t heard from her since she sent her to Luka’s house that morning.

Joe let Benson call her Captain and tell him everyone in the house was alright. He said he wanted the cameras disabled and the snipers gone. Benson’s phone rang and Joe said she could take the call if she put it on speaker phone. Joe told the negotiator he wanted an SUV with tinted windows and one million dollars in cash. He said he wanted traffic blocked and a helicopter nearby.

Joe and Roxie’s accomplice, Ralph,  had taken Luka’s mother to the bank and forced her to withdraw money. Sonny and backup cops showed up at the bank and arrested the accomplice while Finn took Luka’s mother to safety. Ralph told the ADA that his and Roxie’s mother needed a new hip, and they couldn’t afford it, which is why they took the family hostage and demanded money. Joe called Ralph and Ralph was instructed to tell Joe he had the cash they needed. Benson convinced Joe to let them take Robert, Luka’s father, out of the house. Joe had shot Robert and left him to die. Joe then undid Benson’s restraints and let her put a bullet proof vest on Roxie. Roxie then left the house and looked into the SUV Joe had requested. Roxie then apologized to Joe and surrendered to the police.

With a gun to her head, Joe brought Benson and the kids out of the house. She convinced him to let go of the kids and then grabbed Joe’s gun before the cops shot him dead.