Lark Voorhies Race Uproar & Birdman back with Lil Wayne

lark voorhies race uproar 2015 gossip

Lark Voorhies Race Uproar & Birdman back with 2015 gossip

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Is Lark Voorhies pulling a Raven Symone? Tamar Braxton blasts chilly on a fan, and it’s looking like Birdman and Lil Wayne are back together again.

Lark Voorhies Declares to the world “I’m Not Black!”

Black folks are up in arms about “Saved by the Bell” actress Lark Voorhies declaring that she is not black! According to an Instagram posted last night, she dropped the bombshell on her followers about her newfound self-realization.

“No, I am not black. I am American! I was born in America. I was not born in Africa, therefore, I am not African. Africans are not African-Americans! LV”

Anytime people come against their race; folks are going to have something to say, and as others may have already pointed out, she is mistaken to say that she is only “American” as it is not a race but nationality. In her defense, I can see what she was trying to say as I don’t believe she is denouncing her blackness as much as Lark is saying because she was not born in Africa, she is not African-American in that sense. Other individuals who ascribe to that kind of thinking prefer to be called Black Americans. But just as Raven Symoné tried to say that she is colorless as an American, that particular argument cannot exist in a society that deals with people based on the color of their skin as a measure of worthiness.

Lark’s comment is definitely controversial and just adds to the rumors about the state of her mental health. According to her mother, Lark has gone through a very traumatic experience in her past that causes her to have mental instability.

I just hope that she gets the help she needs.

tamar braxton fan blast 2015 gossipTamar Braxton Mistakenly Comes for Fan

Tamar is all about love and good vibes in 2016. And while it is clear she wants to give that to the world as well, sometimes you just can’t when people try to come for you.

Or at least, that’s what she thought was happening when one of her followers on Instagram asked her a question that seemingly criticized the singer about her husband and or money. Tamar initially posted a picture of herself at last year’s BET Awards in a gold dress with the caption,

“I remember I thought I looked fat…hell I looked like a billion bucks….Hey… I am a billion bucks #2016.”

A commenter then asked her, “How does Vince feel when you use that word?”

Immediately Tamar, who is from the Baltimore area, and if you don’t know, Baltimore chicks really are not chill, went in to let them and anyone else wondering about her coins what’s up.

*Clears throat*…first my post isn’t about MY money it’s about MY self-esteem and how I need to see myself as I am. 2nd bitch don’t kill my vibe, 3rd have SEVERAL seats with that gold digger I’m spending my man anything…I was independent when he met me; wife’s me & the NOW me.”

Fans then went back and forth saying that she missed what the commenter was saying and others defending Tamar relentlessly. Personally to me, it sounds like the girl was calling Vince fat, but who am I but a lowly writer. Either way, people are calling Tamar out about not practicing what she just preached.

birdman lil wayne back together 2015 gossipBirdman and Lil Wayne Back Together Again?

Who says you can’t go home? After bitter fights, false statements, a bus shooting and name calling, are Lil Wayne and Cash Money’s Birdman burying the beef and coming together again?

The two were seen together at Drake’s New Year’s Eve Party, and Mack Maine may have something to do with the apparent reconciliation. According to reports, just two hours before the party, Birdman, and Wayne got on a conference call and hashed out their issues, or, at least, started the process to do so. Most of the conversation focused on the money that Weezy maintains Birdman owes him. While they seem to be able to talk civilly about their situation, that doesn’t mean the $51 million lawsuits Lil Wayne filed against Birdman and Cash Money will be dismissed. According to TMZ, they may be close to a settlement, and it is clear that Mack Maine’s influence on the Louisiana rapper has everything to do with getting the two friends to this point.

It seems that they are looking to come to an agreement, which is a good thing.