Lamar Odom & Khloe Kardashian’s Idealized Fairy Tale

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lamar odom khloe kardashian idealized fairy tale 2015 gossip imagesYou know your love is a match made in heaven when it can survive even the darkest hours. When your man’s condition is described as “yet to be determined” and you stand by his side despite the fact that you haven’t lived together since 2013, and you along with you family consistently trash his name publicly, your love has redefined the notion “to the moon and back.”

Yes, we have seen this scenario play out in the media these past two weeks in a “fairytale love story” starring Khloe Kardashian and her knight in shining armor Lamar Odom. They have shown us the true meaning of “forgive and forget” haven’t they? Right?

I mean, let’s look back to when it all started; which is fitting to see how their “love” has grown to a point where brothel visits, overdoses, transsexual love workers, hundred thousand dollar binges and 911 calls can’t even shake a couple who has shown time and time again they will do anything… to capitalize on their relationship.

From the televised event that started it all, Khloe and Lamar have been very open with their relationship. We saw how their love blossomed on her family’s reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and it was clear from the start that these two had something special. Even Kim, her sister who knows a thing or three about love (she’s been married thrice) said that her sister and Lamar are the true definition of finding your soul mate.

And it had to be love at first sight. It had, had, had to be because they married in September of 2009 just one month you hear me, one month, after meeting. Of course we were all partakers in their wedding ceremony because, like their spats and reunions, it was televised, and we were left thinking, “maybe I should spend that extra $3000 on my wedding dress.”

From there, as with any marriage, Khloe and Lamar dealt with the challenges that come with married life, which was intensified I am sure by the fact that E! gave them their own reality TV show not even one year after tying the knot. Khloe & Lamar (oh he’s so sweet he let her name go before his in the title) wasn’t just what friends referred to them as when going through their Christmas guest list of people to invite, it was a bonafide TV show, so that had to mean they were doing okay. But as we all know in life how the story goes, things are not always what they seem.

But that didn’t matter and damn it, now more than ever, it doesn’t matter. So Lamar has a little too much love for brothels, everybody has their guilty pleasure. And yes Khloe may sometimes get upset with him and vent to her mother and sisters who then turn around and exploit her need for sound advice into major storylines and headlines; who doesn’t have those kind of women in their families? Oh and as far as his drug addiction and all around carelessness because he was not able to receive the love of his mother the way he needed because she tragically died when he was twelve years old, that’s something you learn to drown with cognac and other reckless behavior. When you put their love that way and look at all that they have been through in those lenses, who wouldn’t want to make their marriage work?

What woman wouldn’t want to be there for a man that she repeatedly puts down and makes to look like a fool? What man wouldn’t want to be with a woman who creates paparazzi photo and video opportunities at his expense which not only paints him as a lunatic who can’t let his estrange wife go, but also makes him look like the big, scary black man that he tries to so hard to prove he’s not? I am telling you people, paying for your husband’s brothel visits on the regular is not that bad, because yea he’s getting it on with random women, but at least you know where he is. How many other wives can say that?

Khloe and Lamar’s love may be standing the test of time, which could turn out to be until the end of the next season of KUWTK, but can we not dwell on that. Can we not focus on the absurdity of these two buying into the notion that tragedy really can create or recreate the kind of love that lasts or that this may be the worst “in the heat of the moment” decision either one of them has ever made?

Life is not about truly enjoying marital bliss. It’s about doing whatever you have to in order to secure your financial freedom and legacy. And hell, if that means bearing another year with someone you just not too long ago showed, through your actions, you were afraid might hurt you, that’s okay because there ain’t nothing a little something called divorce can’t fix.

khloe kardashian leaves lamar odom for kim kardashian baby shower 2015 gossipKhloe has said that she won’t be leaving Lamar’s side until he’s walking, etc., so a miracle must have occurred as she left him to make it to sister Kim Kardashian‘s baby shower on Saturday. Sources were telling media outlets that she would have to miss this blessed ode to ‘Troop Beverly Hills’ event, but let no man get between the Kardashian clan and a media opportunity.

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