Kris Jenner okay with Blac Chyna and PPD brings down ‘Nashville’

kris jenner find with blac chyna 2016 images

kris jenner find with blac chyna 2016 images

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Friday marked the final episode of Live with Kelly and Michael for co-host Michael Strahan. His send- off included heartfelt message from the Live crew, including Ripa herself. Viewers were treated to a highlight reel recalling funny memories that happened on the show during Strahan’s time as co-host. Strahan said that he is not gone from the show permanently and that he would be happy to come back and co-host occasionally. You can catch our minute by minute coverage here.

ABC’s primetime TV show Nashville has been canceled by the network. The reason for the cancellation is that Nashville star Hayden Panettiere has had to go back to rehab to handle her postpartum depression. Last October she took a leave of absence from Nashville to enter rehab for postpartum depression for the first time. This stems from the 2014 birth of her daughter. Panettiere announced on her Twitter account that she is re-entering rehab.

Though former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger was supposed to appear in the Broadway version of Cats, she gave up that role to take one on U.K’s X-Factor. The producers of Cats stated that they would replace her in the show, citing the fact that she is a bigger celebrity in the U.K. then she is in the U.S. Scherzinger has stated that her contract to appear in Cats was never finalized so when she had the opportunity to be on X-Factor, she decided to take it.

There is no love lost between Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison. This was evident in a recent interview with People Magazine in which Madison confessed that her experience living in the Playboy Mansion with Hugh Hefner was terrifying. After hearing about this, Wilkinson fired back that the only reason Madison was scared was because half of what she wrote in her book about living at the Playboy Mansion was a lie. Wilkinson insisted that Madison was angry with herself for sleeping with Hefner and that she was trying to cover up embarrassment over it.

During a recent performance on The Tonight Show, Meghan Trainor accidently tripped over her high heels and stumbled while holding on to the microphone stand. Taking the fall in stride, she jokingly asked host Jimmy Fallon to sprawl out on the floor with her. After the interview, she took to her Twitter account to let her concerned fans know that she was fine and hadn’t been hurt in the fall.

rob kardashian with blac chyna image

Kris Jenner is making it perfectly clear that she is happy for son Rob and his fiancée Blac Chyna, who are expecting their first baby together. She is reportedly excited about the idea of welcoming another grandchild into the world. According to a family insider, Kris credits Blac Chyna with turning Rob’s life around.

After a French comedian made politically incorrect jokes about Woody Allen at the opening ceremony for the Cannes Film Festival Blake Lively condemned the comedian for it. Acting as the Master of Ceremonies, the female comedian said that it was nice Allen had been making movies throughout Europe even though he has not been convicted of rape in the U.S. In response to the comedian’s joke, Allen stated that it would take a lot to offend him, and he supported comedians making whatever jokes they want to make. In an interview with Variety Lively said that rape is not something to joke about. She also called out the comedian on making multiple homophobic jokes.

Keith Urban is filming a new music video on his cellphone, and he included Nicole Kidman in the video. Viewers will see the couple sitting in their Jeep Wrangler listening to a song with backup vocals by Carrie Underwood. Urban confessed that he has been making music much the same way since he was a child. He talked about recording himself singing at home and turning it into demos he could use to launch his future career.

Disneyland visitors were treated to quite the surprise recently when Johnny Depp dressed up as the Mad Hatter and participated in a live stream broadcast from Disneyland meant to promote the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie. His spontaneous interactions with random Disneyland guests made the days of many of them.

Last week Tyga and Kylie Jenner reportedly broke up again. Though neither of them has confirmed the breakup to the media, it was reportedly a nasty breakup. Jenner was allegedly extremely upset that Tyga attended last week’s Met Gala in NYC, despite their breakup. According to Jenner, the only reason Tyga was invited to the Gala was because of her.

Wrapping up today’s celebrity gossip, Emma Watson is embroiled in some legal trouble as she was mentioned in the recent Panama Papers, for having bought a property in London from an offshore real estate company. Watson allegedly did this to avoid having to pay taxes on the property.