‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ Significant slamming Rob and Corey Gamble

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Significant slamming Rob and Corey Gamble 2016

'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' Significant slamming Rob and Corey Gamble 2016

On this week’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians “Significant Others and Significant Brothers,” Rob Kardashian makes his triumphant return to the small screen after several seasons of being notably missing from his family’s reality series. In addition, Kourtney’s interior design ego gets a bit inflated after she is showcased on the cover of Architectural Digest magazine.

After a brief glimpse of what it is like to go grocery shopping with Kourtney Kardashian (hint: there were too many mentions of the words “organic,” “vegan,” and “gluten-free” to count), Kim is seen visiting Khloe’s house. The two sisters begin discussing their brother Rob’s change in behavior. Kim points out how weird it is that Rob all-of-a-sudden decided to become active all over social media – even making a Snapchat account. Khloe says that while she is happy that he is gaining his confidence back, she is still disappointed that he didn’t share how he was feeling with the rest of the family. Kim agrees and notes that it was wrong for Rob to hide his relationship with Blac Chyna from the family – especially Kylie, who is (at the time) dating B.C.’s ex and baby daddy Tyga. Khloe also reveals that she has not spoken with her brother since she kicked him out of her house.

Next, Kourtney is seen preparing for her photo shoot with Architectural Digest magazine. Kourtney is overjoyed, as she explains that she has wanted to be featured in the magazine for a long time. Fortunately, after putting a lot of time (and money) into her current house over the past two years, she was finally approached to star in a spread for the publication. Although Kourtney is the self-proclaimed interior design freak in the family, Khloe (as well as Khloe’s house) are also featured in the article. While Kourtney seems a bit possessive over her spot in the magazine, she does [not so convincingly] claim to be happy that she can share the honor with her sister.

Shortly after, Kim and Kourtney are seen having lunch together. Kourtney asks Kim if she heard about Rob buying his own house. Kim says she was aware of the situation. However, she thinks Khloe is “going to freak” because she has yet to find out. In confessional Kim explains, “Rob and Khloe always had a special bond. They were close in age and were BFF’s…” She goes on to say that she fears that Khloe will be really hurt that Rob has still not reached out to her since moving out of her house.

After Kourtney finally gets her hands on the issue of Architectural Digest that she is featured in, she heads over to her mom Kris’s house to show it off. While flipping through the magazine, Kourtney ends up going on a rant about all of the things she think Khloe needs to change in her house. In confessional, Kris admits that Kourtney can sometimes get carried away when it comes to her perceived expertise in interior design.

keeping up with the kardashians corey gamble with kourtney

Meanwhile, another dynamic that has members of the family talking is the relationship between Kourtney and Kris Jenner’s current boyfriend, Corey. While hanging out, Khloe and Kim discuss just how close Kourtney and Corey are. Kim expresses relief after she learns that she isn’t the only one who has been skeptical about their tight-knit friendship. There’s been plenty of rumors that Corey is on the way out from Kris Jenner so this seems like the ideal way to push him out of the clan. Remember what they did to Kris Humphrey?

Later, Kris and Kourtney are seen hanging out but are interrupted when Kris gets a call from Rob. Over the phone, Kris explains that she is just getting things prepared for his big move in day. In confessional, Kris admits that she is doing everything she can to help Rob become independent and happy once again. Afterward, Khloe ends up walking in on Kris and Kourtney – which prompts Kris to end her phone call with Rob (as she knows that Rob is currently not talking to Khloe).

Kris attempts to explain Rob’s housing situation to Khloe, stating that Rob is the one paying for his new place. Khloe exclaims that her mom is a liar, as she claims she is fully aware of how much (i.e. how little) her brother has in the bank. In confessional, Khloe rants, “I would have such deep fights with my family because I was ‘enabling’ Rob by letting him live with me, and then the one person who yelled at me the most, which is my mom, now she’s helping Rob. I just find it mind-blowing.” Kris shuts down Khloe’s frustrations, as she advises everyone to “get on board” with the inevitable new chapter in Rob’s life.

Rob’s move-in day finally arrives, and Kris is seen scrambling as she tries to get everything in order for when Rob comes. Rob eventually arrives, alongside Kourtney and Corey and is beaming when he sees his new place. Kim also winds up dropping by and says in confessional that “it makes her happy” to see her brother moving forward with things.

While looking around the house, Kourtney notices that Kris got some of the same things that she has at home for Rob. Kourtney yells at her mom, telling her to stop “copying her” as she goes to “great lengths” to get “things not many people have.” Note: Kourtney seeing that Kris bought Rob the same mugs as her triggered this rant. Funny how she wants people to buy the products she’s selling but how dare someone copy her style.

Faye Resnick, who is now an interior designer (if you recall, she wrote the first tell-all book about Nicole Brown Simpson – O.J. Simpson’s murdered ex), is seen helping set Rob’s house up. Unfortunately, Kourtney’s taste doesn’t mesh well with Faye’s, as she tells her brother that she is going to have to do a run-through of the house herself. In confessional, Kris admits that she was embarrassed by the way Kourtney was criticizing Faye’s work.

A few days later, Kris and Kim decide to confront Kourtney about her overbearing behavior at Rob’s house. Kris tells Kourtney that it was rude for her to take over when Faye had put so much work into the place. Kourtney bluntly asks her mom, “Did you want me to just come over and lie?” She eventually half-heartedly apologizes for her behavior, playfully adding that her opinion is something that many people place great value on.

Lastly, Khloe sits down with her best friend Malika and discusses her strained relationship with Rob. Malika tells Khloe that she should be the bigger person and reach out to him – even if she shouldn’t be the one having to do so. This prompts Khloe to try reaching out to Rob, but unfortunately, he doesn’t answer his phone or his door.

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