Kesha back in saddle after court loss & Blac Chyna working Rob Kardashian hard

blac chyna working rob kardashian hard 2016 gossip

iggy azalea gets kesha back in saddle after court loss 2016 gossip

Since 2014, pop singer Kesha has been legally battling it out against Sony and Dr. Luke. After being allegedly sexually assaulted by Dr. Luke, Kesha has been desperately hoping that she can convince a judge to let her out of her record contract prematurely (with Dr. Luke and Sony).

Unfortunately, on Wednesday, yet another judge turned down Kesha’s request. A New York City judge stated that Kesha was being “unreasonable,” as Sony is “ready, willing and able to approve a producer with whom [she] can work with other than [Dr. Luke].”

Following this unfavorable turn of events, Kesha was spotted spending time with fellow artist Iggy Azalea. Both of the ladies have been dealing with ample drama in their personal lives (a video just recently leaked showing Iggy’s fiancée confessing to cheating with a 19-year-old), so it definitely makes sense that they would come together for some much-needed moral support.

On Thursday, Iggy took to her Twitter account to share a picture of her and Kesha riding horses. Alongside the image Iggy captioned, “Me and the very funny [Kesha] on defender and biz #FreeKesha”

Iggy Azalea, Twitter post:

As we previously reported, Iggy has been photographed horseback riding on numerous occasions following troubling times. Evidently she finds some form of solace in the activity and hopefully Kesha can as well.

blac chyna working rob kardashian hard 2016 gossip

Rob Kardashian just recently celebrated his 29th birthday and thus he and his new fiancée Blac Chyna have been rightfully indulging in a few cheat days. However, it looks like these days are coming to an end, as Blac Chyna revealed on Snap Chat that she is determined to get Rob down to his goal weight by her birthday (May 11th).

On Wednesday night Blac shared a video of Rob stepping on a scale. Subsequently fans found out that he currently weighs 248.4 pounds. However, at 6 foot 1, his ultimate goal weight is between 200 and 210 pounds. After documenting Rob’s current stats, Blac playfully asked Rob if he was willing to train every day. Determined, Rob responded “of course.”

Later on, Rob took to his Instagram to show off the beginning of his roughly 5-week fiancée-provided boot camp. On the social media platform, Rob shared a video of him working out on a treadmill.  Afterwards, he is seen covered in sweat and evidently tired after what seemed to be a very intense workout.

rob kardashian working on weight loss for blac chynaRob Kardashian, Instagram post:

While the rest of Rob’s family has not publicly commented on Rob’s engagement to Blac Chyna, causing many people to speculate that they don’t approve of his sudden decision, they surely can’t be upset with the way Blac Chyna is motivating Rob to get back into shape. With a regimen like this, I think it is very possible for Rob to get down, or at least close to, his goal weight in time for Blac Chyna’s birthday.