Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna engagement no joke to family and Iggy Azalea sticking with Nick Young

rob kardashian blac chyna engagement no joke to family 2016 gossip

rob kardashian blac chyna engagement no joke to family 2016 gossip

While the proximity of this latest celebrity-related announcement with April Fool’s Day may lead you to believe it’s all a joke, numerous people have come forward confirming that Rob Kardashian did, in fact, propose to his girlfriend, Black Chyna. Although the couple may have only been dating for about three months, they evidently feel ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Late on Monday Blac Chyna shared a photo of her smiling with Rob while confidently flashing a huge rock on her ring finger. Soon after Rob proceeded to share a picture of Blac Chyna playfully posing with a stack of money and showing off her sparkly ring.

Blac Chyna, Instagram post:

rob kardashian blac chyna engagement ring 2016

Rob Kardashian, Instagram post:

blac chyna with rob kardashian bulge money 2016

An insider close to Blac Chyna confirmed to E! News that the proposal is legitimate and Blac is extremely excited. The source explained, “They are so happy. Chyna’s been texting her friends how excited she is.”

While the engagement definitely caught the majority of people off guard, Rob has apparently been planning it out for the past while. In fact, last week both Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni and her husband flew out to meet Rob. According to TMZ, Tokyo adores Rob and agrees that he is “the one” for her daughter. In addition, she reportedly feels that Rob is a much better match for her than her previous beau Tyga (who is now dating Rob’s sister Kylie).  After meeting Chyna’s family, Rob reportedly asked for their blessings before getting down on one knee.

At this point, no further details have been released regarding their upcoming wedding. Nonetheless, here’s hoping their marriage lasts longer than Rob’s sister Kim’s now infamous 72-day marriage to NBA player Kris Humphries.

iggy azalea sticking with nick young 2016 gossip

In other engagement news, sources are confirming that singer Iggy Azalea decided to not call off her engagement to NBA player Nick Young. This decision came about after a video was leaked online which showed Nick talking about having intimate relations with a 19-year-old girl. However, even with these recent cheating confessions, Iggy is evidently willing to try and work things out with Nick.

An insider close to the Australian musician revealed, “Iggy is not going to leave Nick. She loves him, and he loves her, and she has forgiven him before for flirtations. Ultimately, he will always love her.”

While their engagement may be back on, the same source also revealed that Iggy has become a lot more guarded since the whole scandal. The source explained, “The engagement is still on, but Iggy is taking a back seat from this situation until it calms down more.”

Since the video was made public, Iggy has been continuing to focus on promoting her latest single “Team.” In addition, the singer has also been spotted riding horses on multiple occasions, which seems to be her go-to activity when she needs to decompress.