‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians 1112 Kris Jenner

keeping up with the kardashians 1112 kris jenners party 2016 images

keeping up with the kardashians 1112 kris jenners party 2016 images

Keeping Up with the Kardashians returned this week with an extravagant Great Gatsby-themed party in honor of Kris Jenner’s 60th birthday. In “Family First” the ladies pull off the over-the-top event while still dealing with the issues going on in their own personal lives (i.e. Scott in rehab, Lamar in the hospital, Kendall unsure of whether she wants her family to attend the Victoria Secret Fashion Show).

While the sisters are trying to keep Kris’s birthday party plans a secret, the episode opens up with Kim giving Kris a few tidbits on what to expect. Kim tells her the theme and explains that everyone will be in “1920’s glam, black-tie” attire. Kris is over the moon about the theme and exclaims, “I’m excited and really old!”

Shortly after Kendall is seen hanging out at Kylie’s house. Here, she breaks the news that she landed a spot in the upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Kylie congratulates her sister and tells her that she is excited to attend the show and cheer her on with the rest of the family. However, Kendall expresses some hesitation towards having the family come to the show. In confessional Kendall explains that she wants to be taken seriously as a model, and her family will undoubtedly cause a media frenzy if they all show up, which might take away from her involvement in the show.

Unfortunately, Kim wasn’t made aware of Kendall’s hesitation, and while having a birthday lunch with Caitlyn, Kim reveals that Kendall is walking in the show and that Caitlyn should really be there to support her. Subsequently, Caitlyn is shocked that Kendall didn’t tell her but confirms she will definitely be cheering her daughter on from the front row.

Meanwhile, Khloe is struggling with all of the stress and pressure she is under due to Lamar’s critical condition. In confessional Khloe explains that she is having a hard time doing things like appearances and promotion for her upcoming book as she ends up feeling selfish for not being by Lamar’s side.

Later on, the sisters get Corey to get Kris out of her house so that they can use the house as the backdrop for some scenes that will be used in the video they are making for Kris. While shooting, the sisters notice that Kylie is moody and not showing any enthusiasm for the project. They soon find out that she is fighting with her boyfriend Tyga and is not pleased that Kendall personally invited him to her 20th birthday party (which is happening later that night). Eventually, Kylie ends up running off crying after her sisters show a lack of sympathy for her situation. Fortunately, Kylie and Tyga almost immediately make up when they see each other at Kendall’s birthday bash, which Kendall says she completely expected.

The sisters begin getting ready for Kris’s big bash. Here, Kendall phones Caitlyn and confronts her about a statement Caitlyn’s publicist released stating that she will be attending the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She tells her dad, “I don’t know how everyone knows and now it’s a huge story, and I’m actually pissed at you. You’re going to take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me? You can come to the f***ing after party.” In confessional Kendall claims, “a lot of people assume I get jobs from my family, but it’s actually kind of the opposite. It made me have to work even harder to get what I wanted.”

All dressed up; the ladies head to the party. Unfortunately, Kim has to be sewn into her dress, which ends up making both her and the birthday girl Kris to be late. Nonetheless, they all get there and enjoy the impressive party with guests such as Boy George, Randy Jackson, Courtney Love and Melanie Griffith. At the party the sisters show all of the guests the music video Kris made when she turned 30. Afterwards, they get to the real surprise and show the new video they made for her. Needless to say, Kris is beaming and gets emotional as she is overwhelmed by her family’s efforts to make sure she has the best 60th birthday ever.

Lastly, the party guests enjoy a performance from musician Charlie Wilson and, of course, Kanye as well.

You can catch more of the Kardashians next Sunday, February 21 on E!

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