Kanye West Gifts America With A New Yeezy Song & Taylor Swift Rosey for Calvin Harris

kanye west gifts america with a new yeezy song 2015 images

taylor swift gets rosey for calvin harris 2015 gossipAlthough most of the big celebrities – especially musicians – made their way to the big celebration in New York City for the annual New Year’s countdown, Taylor Swift opted to party the night away in Las Vegas. On Thursday night, Taylor was spotted hanging out with actress Ruby Rose at OMNIA nightclub, while her boyfriend Calvin Harris performed a DJ set.

On Instagram, Ruby posted a picture of her and Taylor wearing matching festive tiaras, as they rung in the New Year together.

Ruby Rose, Instagram post:

It is no surprise that Ruby seemed to be having a blast with Taylor, as she confessed earlier in the year that Taylor was her celebrity crush. Back in April Ruby posted a tweet saying, “[Taylor Swift] is a gateway drug…I don’t know what to. But whatever it is… She is the gateway drug.”

Ruby Rose, Twitter post:


In addition, Taylor’s younger brother Austin and the sisters of HAIM were seen partying with Taylor and Ruby.

Although Taylor did not opt to post any pictures from her New Year’s celebrations, she did gift her fans with her latest music video for her single, “Out of the Woods.” This marks her sixth single to be released from her highly successful and praised debut pop album, 1989.

kanye west gifts america with a new yeezy song 2015 imagesMeanwhile in other music news, Kanye West’s fans were also gifted some new material. On Thursday, Yeezy released a new track titled “Facts,” which basically rips sportswear company Nike apart.

Earlier in the day, Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian posted a hint on Twitter about the release. Kim said, “Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy new song about to drop #FACTS.”

Kim K, Twitter post:

Kim continued to show support for her rapper hubby, as she took to Instagram to post two pictures hyping Kanye’s new song. The first image shows singer Taylor Swift wearing a grey pair of Kanye’s Yeezy Boosts, which were given the title of “Shoe of the Year” for 2015. Shortly after, Kim also posted an image of Kanye with President Obama, both holding shoeboxes.

Kim K, Instagram post:

taylor swift yeezy shoes 2015 gossip

Initially, Kim’s post were a bit confusing, but after Kanye released “Facts,” it became clear that the song was all about praising Kanye’s creation, his Yeezy Boosts. With a similar tune to Drake’s “Jumpman,” Kanye throws ample shade at Nike and several of their spokespeople (including Lebron James and Drake).

The song includes lyrics such as: “If Nike ain’t have Drizzy, man they would have nothing/ If Nike ain’t have Don C., man they would have nothing/ Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy they line up for days/ Nike out here bad they can’t give shit away…Nike, Nike treat employees just like slaves/ Gave LebBron a billi’ not to run away.”

In addition, Kanye incorporated Bill Cosby’s legal drama, as well as Steve Harvey’s now infamous mess-up at the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant. In the song, Kanye raps, “Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget the names just like Steve Harvey?”

Unfortunately for his fans, they are going to have to be patient for a little bit longer, as Kanye has not set any concrete dates for his next album release. However, he did reportedly claim that it would be titled Swish.