Joe Rogan: UFC’s Best Ambassador

joe rogan best ufc ambassador dana white images

joe rogan best ufc ambassador dana white images

There’s probably a lot of people who think of Joe Rogan as the guy who oversaw the idiocy of “Fear Factor“. While that is true, he is much more than that. Many people know Rogan from his commentator role on UFC fights. This is still not his main gig, as he does stand up comedy to this day, and some acting. It is hard to imagine a stand up comedian being the go-to guy when it comes to calling MMA fights, but he is the best in the business. I pay close attention to the in game commentators for all the sports I enjoy, and their analysis matters. It can enhance the game or put a damper on it for me. Guys like Joe Rogan make the events much better. The passion he has for the fight game is overtly apparent to anyone watching and listening to UFC fights. That makes him the perfect ambassador to the UFC.

The UFC is lucky to have a guy like Joe Rogan and he is lucky to have them. The sport is growing and he will be there to experience how far the sport can go. It is cool that he gets to be a part of it all. The sport can thank him for introducing a ton of new fans to MMA. He is a huge advocate for fitness, martial arts in general, and human optimization. His interests carry over to his followers, and he has followers galore. The guy is big time on Twitter, sells out stand up shows everywhere he goes, and his podcast is listened to by millions every week. His fans like what he likes, so when he gets excited about a UFC event or a fighter, his fans naturally get interested in the topics he promotes.

I was already into the UFC when I started listening to Rogan’s podcast. After hearing a few fighter interviews and feeling his passion for it all, it made me more involved in the sport. It made me want to be as closely connected to the sport as possible. Some guys can fake their way through jobs. I can see when an analyst is not that into the subject they are talking about when it comes to sports. I want to connect with people who love the sport that they are covering. If they love it, they will put their heart and soul into their job. It is like watching a fight with a buddy. They get excited about a great fight and that makes you get more excited as well. That is what it is like hearing Joe Rogan on the call with his UFC partner Mike Goldberg.

Rogan has been into the martial arts for a long time. He was a Tae Kwon Do champion in his younger years. He won the Massachusetts title four years in a row. He later won the US Open Tae Kwon Do Championship. To say he has been a high level martial artist is right on the money. He knows what it is like to compete at the highest levels. That means a lot when it comes to trusting what a commentator has to say about a fight or fighter. I know there are experts that have never stepped foot in a fighting ring, and I know they have good info to put out there. But an expert who does his homework and has been in similar combat, is going to get a bit more respect from me.

joe rogan holding mma ufc fighters for dana white 2015

As Rogan gets better at calling UFC fights, he is also still involved in MMA at ground level. He is a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu. That is what I call being involved in your profession. That is why he can anticipate moves in a UFC fight better than anyone. He knows the techniques that fighters are going to try, as he has rolled in gyms in similar situations. Also, the guy is a pro and makes sure he is prepared to do a great job. He may be a self proclaimed weed enthusiast, but he is not like some stereotypical stoner. He is at the top of his game at all times. He may not do things the mainstream way, but there is no one better at their job when it comes to calling UFC action. The fact that he is off the beaten path is more appealing to me. I like a guy with different ideas and perspectives. I get my fill of the ordinary in most everything I see on TV or in other media. I enjoy the outlier.

As the UFC continues to reach new heights, I hope Joe Rogan always remains a part of it. He is a weird man, so I could see him just going away for a few years to “think” or get high daily. But I hope that doesn’t happen. UFC fans need him. People yet to become UFC fans need him as well. They don’t know what they are missing with this sport. But as long as “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast is ongoing, these fans will keep coming on board with MMA and the UFC. If they like Joe, they will like mixed martial arts if they give it a chance.

joe rogan watching mma ufc fighters bulge for dana white

I once thought that the sport was just ‘human cockfighting’ before I gave it a chance at all. I now see all the intricacies and details involved in this fight game. I know what makes many of these fighters tick. I see techniques evolving year after year. I just have a clearer vision of what the hell is happening in the ring and around the sport. That has been helped along by the UFC’s best ambassador, Joe Rogan. Without him, I am not the UFC nut that I am today. Without him, I am not sure I would have had the desire to lose 40 pounds last year and work on my fitness. I’ve even had the itch to find a local MMA gym for myself. I have to thank Mr. Rogan for what he has done for me. The UFC certainly owes him a big thank you as well.