Jeff Lewis Kept Megan Fox’s Secret & Nick Jonas On Kendall Jenner: Celebrity Gossip

megan fox split with brian austin green 2015 gossip

jeff lewis kept secret for megan fox split with brian austin green 2015 gossip

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, men all over the world are thanking the Gods above that Megan Fox has just filed for divorce from Brian Austin Green. The couple only recently announced their split. The divorce agreement will likely include the couple sharing custody of their two children together. After 11 years together they are splitting their possessions 50/50 and because Megan Fox earns significantly more than Brian Austin Green she will likely to have to pay spousal support to him every month. It has been reported that at this point, the two are still living together. For anyone who watches “Flipping Out”, the Jeff Lewis reality show, you would have seen that this marriage was on the rocks. Especially when Jeff told Brian he had to ask Megan first for various things which really irritated the actor. Then when they suddenly halted moving into the house that Lewis was doing over for them said it all. One thing about Jeff Lewis, he’s one of the few in Hollywood that can keep his mouth shut, at least for a secret of that magnitude.
olivia wilde career kick 2015 gossipIn a recent interview with Elle magazine Olivia Wilde said that her career didn’t begin until her marriage ended. Having gotten married at the age of 19, Wilde has now been divorced for four years. After producing and starring in a movie because she wanted to, rather than because of the money she’d earn, Wilde said that was the start of her acting career.

nick jonas found kendall jenner annoying to date 2015 gossipThough rumors have been swirling that Nick Jonas and Kendall Jenner are dating Nick Jonas has loudly stated that they are not. He told the E! Network that he and Kendall hang out sometimes and even text each other, but they aren’t actually dating. He also said that right now he is focused on working and is not looking to date anyone. Now word has surfaced that they did go on a few dates, but this Jonas Brother likes more than just a pretty face as the Jenner girl annoyed him to death. Kendall wound up showing more interest as Nick had to ‘level’ her out.

In sad news Vanessa Hudgens has told the world that her father was recently diagnosed with cancer already in stage four. Apparently Vanessa’s boyfriend’s mother passed away from cancer last year and on the heels of her father’s diagnosis as well, Vanessa dedicated an award she recently won to her boyfriend’s late mother and her ill father.

jennifer lawrence tops forbes money list 2015 gossipForbes Magazine recently listed Jennifer Lawrence as the highest paid actress of the year after she earned $52 million last year. Scarlett Johansson and Melissa McCarthy are the number two and number three women on the list.

Kelly Clarkson has recently announced that she is pregnant with her and her husband’s second child. She broke the news to fans at a concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles earlier this week. Kelly said that she didn’t want her fans to find out this way but that she also didn’t want anyone thinking she was taking pills. She even apologized to her husband for telling the world the way she did.