NFL Preseason Week 2 Winners & Losers

Jimmy Garoppolo nfl week 2 preseason winner 2015 bulge patriots

Jimmy Garoppolo nfl week 2 preseason winner 2015 bulge patriotsWeek 2 in the NFL preseason is a wrap. The scores were not as big a deal as the story lines of course. This is the preseason so a loss is not as important as the injury report or contract negotiations.

The Patriots continued to groom Jimmy Garoppolo, just in case. My Falcons started hot but lost. But at least the starters made a good showing, which is all you can glean from an exhibition generally.

Seattle looks discombobulated on offense, but that will happen without Beastmode running around. The Hawks at least got in some play time with their newest toy, Jimmy Graham.

Oh, got some Madden 2016 news as well.

Now onto this weeks’ winners and losers:

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Terrell Suggs is never one to back down from controversy. He openly hates Tom Brady and isn’t afraid of criticism. Kinda hard to dislike this cat. When asked to respond to his dirty play on Sam Bradford, Suggs blamed the Eagles’ coaching staff and the read option for the hit. The QB stalker made a valid point in my eyes.

That hit will draw a flag ten out of ten times, but I like how he defended it.

NFL Child of the Week: Odell Beckham received some criticism in the offseason for his diva like behavior. I wasn’t impressed with his thin skin back then and now everywhere I look I see the guy. His catch was unbelievable last year versus the Cowboys, but he has a long way to go before he is elite. One season does not a Hall of Famer make.

“You’re good, get better Dell, and stop asking for things,” to quote my boy Don Draper.

Winner: Jason Pierre-Paul is feeling upbeat after his awful and embarrassing firecracker accident that left him missing a finger. The Giants have still not rescinded his $14.813 million franchise tag offer. I would be on the first thing smoking to scratch my signature on that contract.

Loser: Kelvin Benjamin suffered a torn ACL in practice last week on a routine play. When a guy goes down like that after not even being touched, you know it’s a bad scene, real bad scene. The talented wide out will miss a whole season of course and his Panthers will struggle to replace him.

Carolina Panthers wide receivers coach Ricky Proehl tried to put a hopeful spin on the injury to his guys, comparing it to when Trent Green went down, opening up a spot for Kurt Warner with the Rams. Maybe another Cinderella story happens like it did for Proehl’s Rams, but the Warner story was such a long shot, I wouldn’t bet on a great passing year from Cam Newton.

Winner: Jimmy Garoppolo may eventually get a huge contract if he keeps up the good work in preseason. I don’t think he will be needed in week one of the real season since it appears Brady will be available. But the guy is getting more work in than any other QB in the League. That’s how you get a Matt Flynn type deal SON!

Loser: RGIII. This time I feel a bit sorry for the QB who is constantly harming himself with bad thoughts escaping his head and existing his mouth. This past week the guy got concussed due to some awful blocking. He got hit basically every time he tried to pass the football. It takes a lot for me to have compassion for this guy, but his O-Line appears unconcerned with his welfare.

Winner: Brandon Marshall went off for 62 yards against the Falcons on Friday night. I can’t help but be behind this guy who has been so open about his mental issues. I am a fan of this baller for life. It takes a big man to open up about his weaknesses.

Loser: Tim Tebow. As impressive as he was with his running against the Ravens, his passing was just the opposite. Maybe Chip Kelly is good with what Tebow is bringing to the table, but no other team is interested in his running abilities, which are super impressive.

Winner: Spoiler alert, Rex Ryan is dead.

Not in real life. Dude gets killed in the new Madden 2016 trailer which is both ridiculous and maybe the best freaking trailer I have ever laid eyes on. This trailer features some over the top performance by a few actors and cameos by some big name ballers.

Julio Jones steps up to deliver 38 (I counted) neck chops to a ninja in this clip. Colin Kaepernick dressed as Pacino in Scent of a Woman…insanity. Gronk is even involved as Half Shirt. Check out the trailer and you are sure to want to buy the ‘16 version of Madden, or hit replay at the very least.

Loser: How long ago was it that Chris Johnson was talking junk about a 2500 yard season? Not long enough where he should be an afterthought in 2015. Running backs do have short shelf lives though and CJ2K is a prime example. He will miss up to two more weeks with a hamstring injury and has yet to show anything that resembles him being a running threat for the Cardinals this year.

Winner: Every team on the Packers’ schedule. If the breaking news of Jordy Nelson tearing an ACL is accurate, then the Pack just got less impressive. MRI on Monday.

Loser: Me and Jordy Nelson. Damn I hate that Nelson is out with a possible ACL tear. Dude is a big reason I was betting on the NFC to snatch the Super Bowl Trophy this year.

Loser: NFL fans for having to hear about a possible Randy Moss return to the NFL. It’s over for this once great receiver. He’s doing a good job on Fox Sports and should stay put.