Irina Shayk bares down for Givenchy & Denise Richards tangles with Charlie Sheen again

irina shayk bares down for givenchy 2016 gossip

irina shayk bares down for givenchy 2016 gossipCelebrity Gossip For The Week of January 23rd

Kicking off this week’s celebrity gossip, fans of Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner will soon be rushing to Pac Sun to purchase items from the sisters’ line of throwback 1970s style clothes. Items in the collection include rompers that lace up as well as denim overalls featuring romantic patterns of flowers.

khloe kardashian continues expanind her kardashian brand 2016 imagesIn other Kendall Jenner gossip, she recently pulled a prank on older sister Kim Kardashian when Kendall called her and told her she was pregnant. She pulled the prank for Khloe Kardashian’s new TV show, called “Kocktails with Khloe.” When she called Kim and said she was pregnant, Kim freaked out and asked her if she was calling to talk to their mother. Kim didn’t figure out it was a prank until she heard giggling on the other end of the phone and assumed it was Kendall crying. Khloe finally had to come clean and tell her it was a prank.

one direction louis tomlinson baby coming 2015 gossipOne Direction’s Louis Tomlinson is a new father as his ex- girlfriend Briana recently gave birth to their son. Briana’s grandmother wrote a touching message to him on Instagram asking him to love Briana and be a part of her and the baby’s life. There has been no official word whether or not Tomlinson was there to witness the baby’s birth.

ronda rousey 10 most disappointing athletes of 2015 imagesTo promote Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Ronda Rousey and musical guest Selena Gomez filmed some promotional spots. Cecily Strong got in on the action during the promo and declared the three of them to be independent, strong women.

Irina Shayk is featured in a new nude spread for Givenchy. She appears in the spread with male model Chris Moore. Some of the shots taken for the spread ended up on social media.

denise richards tangles with charlie sheen again 2016 gossipDenise Richards recently filed a lawsuit against her ex -husband and father of her daughters, Charlie Sheen. In the lawsuit, Richards is seeking $1 million from Sheen for screwing up a trust that would have helped provide housing for Richards and their daughters. Richards is saying that thanks to Sheen, she and the girls were thrown out of the house they were living in, and he hasn’t found them other housing. According to her attorney, the only reason that Richards is suing Sheen is to have money for their kids.

Kristin Cavallari is recovering from injuries she sustained in a recent car accident. The other driver hit her car and sent her to the hospital. She was treated for minor injuries and released.

In surprising news, Mariah Carey has just gotten engaged to James Packer, who she has been dating for less than a year. The couple met through a mutual friend. They will combine their family with his three children and her twins.

academy awards oscars logo 2015Due to a lack of diversity at the Oscars, Jada Pinkett Smith is boycotting the show, and this has caused problems between Smith and Janet Hubert, who was at one time a cast member on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” The two have been feuding online through videos that they have posted. Hubert is claiming that the reason Smith is actually boycotting the Oscars is that her husband, Will Smith, was not nominated for any. During a recent Los Angeles Times interview, Hubert reportedly lashed out at Jada and Will Smith. Rumors are that Will Smith got Janet Hubert fired from the show because the two didn’t get along and he was a bigger star. All of this drama over the Oscars is reportedly due to the fact that people are upset that no African Americans were nominated in any major categories this year.

The controversy over the Oscars is causing difficulty for Mark Ruffalo because he is torn between going to the event to represent victims of child abuse and boycotting it. Ruffalo has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in Spotlight, a movie addressing child abuse that is based on a true story.

bill cosby deposition ends everything for him 2015 gossipA small piece of good news was delivered to Bill Cosby this week when one of the defamation cases against him was dismissed. The case that was dismissed was brought on by a woman named Renita Hall, who sued Cosby for making her look like a liar. Even though her case was dismissed, Hall’s lawyers will be appealing the dismissal.

star wars the force awakens knocks out jurassic world 2015 imagesFans of “Star Wars” might as well enjoy “The Force Awakens” for a while because the release of the next Star Wars movie has been moved from a May 2017 premiere to a December 2017 premiere. The next movie in the Pirates of the Caribbean series will be released in May of 2017 to make up for the lack of a new Star Wars movie.

This week Jennifer Lopez debuted her new Las Vegas stage show. The first night of her residency included an appearance by Ja Rule, who she has collaborated with in the past. With various costume changes and performances of her new music and her old music, she outdid herself in the eyes of her fans by closing out her first show with Pitbull. The star-studded audience for her debut show included Derek Hough, Justin Bieber, Rebel Wilson, Kelly Osborne and Nicole Scherzinger.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Lucy Hale has denied her alleged break up with her boyfriend Anthony, who she started dating in summer 2015. Lucy has taken to her Twitter account to speak out against Just Jared, a website that has been fueling the rumor. The breakup rumors started recently when Lucy’s Twitter and Instagram accounts were apparently hacked into.

Critics Choice Awards honors Amy Schumer 2016 imagesWrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip, Amy Schumer is battling those who say she has stolen jokes she uses in her act. She is being accused of using material that fellow comedians Tammy Pescatelli and Wendy Liebman have used in their own stand-up performances. In response, Liebman posted on Twitter saying she was leaving social media as a result of this incident. Schumer has defended herself on Twitter and in a recent interview with Jim Norton.