Iggy Azalea now producing and Alicia Keys PSA

iggy azalea ready to produce now 2016 gossip

iggy azalea ready to produce now 2016 gossip 2016 gossip

Kicking off today’s celebrity gossip, Natalie Portman is appearing on the cover of the next edition of T: The New York Times Style Magazine. In her interview for the cover story she said that she looks for challenges each time she takes on a new role. She said the fact that she fails at some of the challenges she presents herself with keeps her interested in continuing her career.

Though she was unhurt by it, Rihanna was in Nice, France earlier this week when terrorists attacked the city. A concert that she was scheduled to perform, in Nice, the night after the attack was canceled. A jazz festival that was scheduled to be held in Nice was canceled as well.

katy perry super bowl xlix lip synch 2015 images

Katy Perry fans will be happy to hear that she has released a new single called “Rise.” The purpose of the song is to promote next month’s Olympic Games in Rio, which NBC will be covering, Perry released a statement in which she said that she has had the idea for this song for years and she was inspired to release it as a single as opposed to including it on her next album release. She said that the song is related to the world uniting, which is very much needed. The song will serve as the official anthem for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Mick Jagger is set to be a father again as his girlfriend is reportedly pregnant with his child. He is 72 years old, and she is a 29-year-old ballet dancer. An insider has reported that the couple is happy to be welcoming a baby, and Jagger has no qualms about becoming a father once again at the age of 72. While this baby will be his girlfriend’s first, it will be his eighth child.

iggy azalea talks taxes 2016 gossip

Iggy Azalea recently spoke to Notion magazine about her recent struggles. She has dealt with a lot of hatred in her life and has admitted that she has gotten to the point where she won’t even show her vulnerable side to people she knows. On a professional note, she told the magazine that she is planning on becoming a Hollywood producer. After calling off her engagement, she said she was going through personal struggles while serving as a judge on the Australian version of The X Factor.

alicia key psa

A public service announcement concerning racial justice is now airing online and is being headed by Alicia Keys and supported by a slew of other celebrities, including Chris Rock, Beyonce, Pharrell Williams and Rhianna. The PSA also features Taraji P. Henson speaking out about an incident in which a police officer killed a man who was doing nothing more than selling his CD in the parking lot of a supermarket. Rapper T.I. is also bringing attention to the issue as he recently appeared on Access Hollywood Live wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that African Americans are not disposable.

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In a recent interview for Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show, 50 Cent commented on the idea of Kanye West running for President when the 2020 election begins. He compared Kanye to Donald Trump and said that they both have non-traditional styles.

Last week Lea Michele marked the three-year anniversary of the death of boyfriend and fellow Glee star Corey Monteith. She took to her Instagram account to declare that even though they didn’t get to spend the rest of their life together, the memories they made together were the best memories she has ever had in her life.

Now that is has been 15 years since Legally Blonde was released in theaters, Reese Witherspoon is using the movie’s box office anniversary to reflect on how meaningful the plot of the movie was and how it motivated young women to follow their dreams. She granted an interview to Instagram in which she talked about how much of her career she owes to the character she played in the movie.

taylor swift claim on calvin harris song 2016 gossip

Wrapping up today’s celebrity gossip, things are getting sticky between Calvin Harris and his ex, Taylor Swift. Harris is claiming that Swift collaborated with Rhianna to write a song about Harris called “This Is What You Came For.” Sources close to Swift claim that she wrote the song while she and Harris were still together and that its lyrics are less than flattering to him. The day the song was released rumors began swirling after a DJ shared with Ryan Seacrest that he didn’t think the two would be able to work together in the near future. Harris allegedly blames Swift’s publicists for the song, saying it makes him look bad. Harris also lashed out at Swift over the fact that she is already dating again and has been with Tom Hiddleston since a few days after the two broke up.