how to get away with murder fashion sense viola davis 2015

how to get away with murder fashion sense 101 2015 imagesIt is finally here! Okay almost here but we are only two days away. From what you ask? The much awaited How To Get Away With Murder (HTGAWM) season two premiere.

Annalise Keating, played by the ever beautiful and fierce Emmy award winning Viola Davis, is a badass criminal defense lawyer and she has a bad ass wardrobe to go with it.  But so does Aja Naomi King who plays Michael Pratt.

So in preparation for the show’s return, because I love fashion and am The CurvyGirl Diva, here is a look back and Annalise Keating and Michael Pratt’s best looks from season one of HTGAWM.

As far as Annalise is concerned, she has a classic style. She keeps it simple with sheaths, pearls and statement necklaces but within the outline of her basic wardrobe, she adds some pieces that mix things up.

Michael is a pretty girl, who likes the finer things in life and who believes that what you wear communications to the world who you are.

Here are some of my favorites.

Annalise’ Houndstoooth print

This dress really shows off her assets which she has an ample amount of.  The print is an updated approach to the traditional houndstooth pattern and she pulls if off beautifully.

htgawm annalie houndstooth print 2015

Annalise’s Floral Dress

Annalise looks so ready for business in this floral sheath. I love the fact that although it is floral, it is still in line with her style. She keeps the colors earthy and dark giving her the continued mysterious vibe while still saying, “I’m an expert… bitch!”

htgawm annalise floral dress 2015Michaela’s Red Embellished Dress

Michaela’s style is actually more along the lines of my personal preference, which of course I love, and this pop of color red is everything. She knows how to make items that may seem more suited for older women her own and that’s how you do fashion.

htgawm michaela red dress 2015Annalise’s Black Peplum dress

Annalise loves her black and she has a lot of it. This one in particular is a fave of mine because I really love peplum and because I like when power women break away from the norm to incorporate styles and trends into their wardrobe. Most women would probably stay away from clothing that aren’t suits or along the lines of what society says you should wear as a lawyer, but not Annie. Also, the pop of color she adds with the statement multi strand beaded necklace is the perfect touch.

htgawm annalise black peplum dress 2015Michaela’s Black and White Drop Waist Dress

This dress is ideal because it can be worn in so many ways. Michaela is prissy and looks are very important to her, it is a no brainer that she would wear it. The classic black and white is just that… classic and the fit is feminine and fun. Also the pattern is not overwhelming but just the right combination of stripes. I love, love, love this dress on her.

htgawm michaela black white drop waist dress 2015Annalise’s Red Leather Blazer

The very first time we see Annalise, she is wearing this burgundy/red leather blazer with zipper detail and a black pencil skirt. And it is everything. The edginess it brings to the character as the initial first look goes perfectly with the way she operates throughout the whole season. Also because it has the peplum design, it makes it all the more fun.

htgawm annalie red leather blazer 205Annalise’ Sweater Trench Coat

She has a trench coat style that we saw a lot of in the first season. She of course kept it classy and simple but at the same time it was pretty epic and different. In this look, she rocks her signature sheath and adds a trench coat styled sweater.

htgawm annalise sweater trench coast 2015Annalise’s Black Power Dress

This is my favorite of all of her black dresses. It is a power dress and one that demands attention. The design and the collar make it a go to for the woman who likes to keep things traditional but also who doesn’t mind shaking it up a little bit.

htgawm annalise black power dress 2015Michaela’s Powder Pink Blazer

This is a great piece for Michaela because she is a young black woman who is trying to make a name for herself. Therefore, her style is a lot of the time not reflective of what others her age and background would wear. But the cool thing about her is that her wardrobe, perhaps maybe more so than others on the show, really tell the story of who she is. And this powder pink blazer with flare at the waist is so pretty.

htgawm fashion michaela pink blazer 2015I am so looking forward to what they will bring us for season two. I know it only gets better.