BIG BANG THEORY 901: Matrimonial Momentum Recap

big bang theory matrimonial momentum recap images 2015 penny leonard married

big bang theory matrimonial momentum recap images 2015 penny leonard marriedOn the season premiere of “Big Bang Theory,” Penny and Leonard discussed their elopement ceremony in Las Vegas. Sheldon called Leonard to tell him not to get married because women are the worst. He then told Leonard Amy broke up with Sheldon. Penny called Amy to ask if she was OK and that’s when Amy found out Penny and Sheldon were getting married. Sheldon figured out Penny was on the phone with Amy and since Amy was upset about Penny and Leonard getting married Sheldon told them to do it if it was upsetting her.

Sheldon went to Amy’s apartment to talk but Amy said she wasn’t ready. He wanted to get back together but Amy said it wasn’t happening. She told Sheldon she was going to watch the stream of Penny and Leonard’s wedding at Howard and Bernadette’s house. Leonard many Penny promise he was happy about getting married.

At Howard and Bernadette’s house Bernadette and Amy talked about her breakup with Sheldon. Bernadette looked out their window and saw Sheldon looking in at them. Howard closed the curtains but then Bernadette reopened them and told Sheldon he wasn’t making things better.

At the chapel, Penny and Leonard asked about their wedding package and they kissed. Back at Howard and Bernadette’s Sheldon asked Raj if he was concerned that Sheldon and Amy weren’t getting affectionate with each other anymore. He then told Raj they had broken up.

Now at the altar Penny had no vows written but Leonard did. He read his vows to Penny and she was blown away. Penny told Leonard he was the love of her life and her best friend. She said she’d do anything for him.

Sheldon confronted Amy and she said he hadn’t given her the space she asked for. She called him immature and selfish and told him their relationship was over. During that time they missed the feed of Penny and Leonard officially becoming husband and wife because they were distracted by the breakup of Sheldon and Amy.

Leonard carried Penny across the threshold with difficulty. Once in their hotel room they kissed but Penny stopped because she was picturing Leonard kissing the girl he kissed while they were broken up. Penny asked  Leonard if he felt guilty for kissing the woman and he said yes. He slipped and said he still feels guilty every time he sees her, which upset Penny. Then they argued and Leonard tried to fix the situation with sex.

Sheldon called his mom and told her he and Amy broke up. He said he wanted to send the ring he was going to give Amy, back to his mother. Bernadette and Howard told Amy things would get better after the breakup. Amy questioned whether or not she did the right thing and Stuart said maybe it was time for her to do the wrong thing.

Penny and Leonard got home and Penny told him she wasn’t OK with him having kissed another woman. Sheldon took a pot of tea over to Penny’s apartment. Sheldon and Penny discussed the woman that Leonard kissed and Penny said she was angry because he still sees the woman at the university where they work. Penny said she couldn’t believe Amy went through with the breakup.

Sheldon and Leonard talked about why men are better than women. He called men the champagne of genders. Leonard said he couldn’t believe he was spending his wedding night with Sheldon.