Heroes & Zeros: Wale & Meek Mill

heroes zeros wale meek mill 2015 opinion images

heroes zeros wale meek mill 2015 opinion imagesThis week’s Hero and Zero are two friends that just can’t seem to play nicely.  And it has everything to do with a little something called beef.

Hero- Wale

This week on the Breakfast Club Radio show, DC rapper Wale gave his two cents on Meek Mill starting his infamous beef with Drake (which produced one of the hottest songs of the summer) via Twitter. We all know about it, well, most of us know about it. And you would think that by this time, we would be done talking who one and why.

Alas, we aren’t. Wale was asked to weigh in on the beef, and he is a Hero for none other reason than keeping it 100. As Meek’s friend and label mate, Wale had to be honest and keep it real about the way Meek made himself look picking a fight with one of the most beloved rappers in the game right now.  He is admitting to trying o call his friend and get it contact with him but he just, for whatever reason, couldn’t get through.

“I ain’t talk to him—I called him several times since that… I don’t know what’s going on.”

The thing about Wale’s interview is that his stance reflected the public’s consensus on who won the “twitter beef” that is clearly no longer confined to the boundaries of the internet. Drake won, and I think it would have been a great disservice for Wale to sit there and tell the world he thought Meek was right. A real friend is not going to sugar coat the truth. They will tell it like it is, and that’s what he did. He didn’t diss him; he didn’t make fun of him (although he did say it was like Meek brought a pen to a gun fight) he just told the Breakfast Clubs his reaction to the whole thing.

“You can’t fuck with Drake on certain levels, no matter what. That has nothing to do with talent or songs. His relationships are a certain level. He’s a ‘made man’ in rap.”

While it does seem like he was bashing his “friend,” he really wasn’t and in fact, took up for Meek.

“I’m tellin’ everybody who thinks that Meek lost this off the strength of losing. It doesn’t matter what he made. He could’ve wrote ‘Ether 3.0′ and the opinions of the people would’ve been that their boy from Canada waxed him.”

His opinion is interesting because Maybach Music Group’s head, Rick Ross, in an effort to save face for the Philly rapper I am sure, told media outlets,

“Ain’t nobody get bodied,” he said in a recent interview. “If you think Meek Mill through, you trippin’.”

Saying what others close to a person in a situation won’t and doing so unapologetically definitely makes Wale a hero in my book.

Zero- Meek Mill

I really didn’t want to do this because I am a fan of Meek Mill. I think his music is dope, and he has an energy that is raw and hot. But being with Nicki Minaj has obviously given him short man syndrome as he feels that he can punk and dismiss anyone he wants. His Instagram rant in which he “calls out” Wale and makes fun of him plus his overall bullying approach to dealing with his friend’s comments is why Meek is a Zero.

It is clear that he feels a certain kind of way about people’s perception of him as a rapper and probably even as a man. He can say that he doesn’t care but if he didn’t, he wouldn’t still be so damn touchy about the Drake Beef.

What he said to Wale was uncalled for, and unless your friend sleeps with her significant other or kills your mother, he was way out of line.

“Really stay away from me Fam! You no MMG NOMORE! This is why u can’t get my number you a hoe! And u dead cracked right now @wale… Go jump off a roof like u been tryna do chump! He not MMG IM MAKING THAT CALL.”

Along with saying some pretty personal stuff about the rapper; maybe dealing with serious emotional stuff, he took it upon himself to cut Wale from MMG, something only Ross can do and something Rick Ross hasn’t done. He is on a power trip that I believe is due to his relationship with Nicki, and it is making people jump off the Meek Milly ship.

Also the fact that he as reignited his beef with Drake thanks to making fun of him while performing in Philly this weekend further solidifies his zero status.  He needs to be careful because social media is steadily growing into an entity that can destroy a person. And Drizzy’s fans didn’t take nicely to Meek’s comments, especially since today is the Canadian rapper’s birthday.

Meek’s growing ego and his no chill zone makes him a big fat Zero.