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‘Girls’ Season 5 Teases & Pleases

‘Girls’ Season 5 Teases & Pleases

girls season 5 teases 2015 imagesHBO’s hit show Girls is returning for its fifth season in early 2016. The American show is created by and stars actress Lena Dunham. The show has garnered up a large following and is constantly praised for its brutally honest take on humor and the often humiliating and uncomfortable situations it puts its characters through.

New York native Lena Dunham wrote Girls based on her real-life experiences. The show follows an aspiring writer named Hannah Helene Horvatch who lives in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Hannah is shocked when her parents come out to visit her from Michigan, only to tell her they will no longer be financially supporting her. At this time, Hannah had been graduated for two years from Oberlin College and was still heavily reliant on her parent’s financial aid. Hannah decides to give life as a full-on adult a go and tries to navigate the rest of her twenties “one mistake at a time.”

Actors Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver and Alex Karpovsky, who play her close circle of friends, join Lena. The show is actually produced by well-known director/producer Judd Apatow, who claimed he drew on Dunham’s imagination to bring a show that would give insight into “realistic females.”

As the show began to gain success, Lena commented that she saw Girls as a reflection of a part of the population that was not portrayed in other female-centric TV series, such as 1998’s Sex and the City. Lena went on to explain, “Gossip Girl was teens duking it out on the Upper East Side and Sex and the City was women who [had] figured out work and friends and now want to nail romance and family life. There was this ‘hole-in-between’ space that hadn’t really been addressed.”

The show’s first season was highly praised; Time magazine claimed the series to be “raw, audacious, nuanced and richly, often excruciatingly funny.” While New York Times compared it to previous hit shows saying, “Girls may be the millennial generation’s rebuttal to Sex and the City, but the first season was at times as cruelly insightful and bleakly funny as Louie on FX or Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO.” The three season’s following continued to get high ratings amongst viewers, as many claimed the show was able to mature while still remaining sharp, shocking and innovative with its raw humor.

Since the show premiered, it has been nominated for numerous awards – including Primetime Emmys, Writers Guild Of America Awards, and Golden Globes. Back in 2012, Girls ended up winning an Emmy for “Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series” and a Writers Guild Award for best “New Series.” Evidently, Lena was onto something when she decided to create her own genre of comedic drama.

Lena’s outspoken personality should also be credited for some of the show’s success. Lena continues to publicly speak about her strong stance on feminism and clearly incorporates her views within the show. Girls has dived into numerous hot topic issues – including body image, abortion, street harassment and relationships within the new age of social media.

So as fans gear up for the fifth season, HBO has released a very brief teaser of what to expect. In the 26-second teaser, we see Dunham’s character Hannah in the midst of an intense, collaborative dance work out to 2008’s “Get Up On It” by Empire ISIS. The screen boldly reads, “dance like no one is watching,” which is precisely what Hannah is trying to do until she is interrupted by her mother’s hips grooving to the same song.

It is assumed that the story will continue to unfold as Loreen (played by Freak and Geeks’ Becky Ann Baker), Hannah’s mom, tries to move forward from finding out that her husband Tad was gay. In addition, fans will most likely get to see what happens with Hannah since the last season ended off with her uncharacteristically content and coupled up.

From the short teaser, it is clear that Lena is not letting any of Hollywood’s “rules” get in her or the show’s way. She continues to embrace her quirky self and shows off an enviable confidence; both of which seem to be winning ingredients when it comes to women in comedy these days (refer to Amy Schumer). Therefore, it looks like season 5 of Girls will something worth tuning in for come February 2016.

You can catch the season premiere of Girls’ fifth season on HBO on February 21, 2016.

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