Fashion Police Kinda Back & Britney Shears Shares Virgin With Kesha

britney spearks kesha on jane the virgin show 2015 gossip

fashion police relaunched nene leakes 2015 gossipAfter a long hiatus, Fashion Police finally returned to the E! Network. Its return followed the controversial exiting of both hosts Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne.

The show has had its fair share of controversy over the past while, after Kelly left following the scandal surrounding Giulianna and her racist remarks about singer Zendaya’s dreadlocks. Kelly was very public about being upset with her former friend Giulianna and her comments. Shortly after, Kelly abruptly quit the show as their friendship deteriorated.

In addition, Kathy Griffin had her fair share of scandal, as she was criticized for her performance on the show. Kathy was the replacement for the late Joan Rivers; however, many didn’t feel she was a good fit for the comedic talk show. Among her critics was Joan’s daughter Melissa Rivers, who was upset and felt that Kathy had tarnished her mother’s show’s reputation.

Despite all of the drama, the show returned with Melissa Rivers hosting, joined by Giulianna Rancic and Brad Goreski. Also joining the regular panel, was comedian Margaret Chow and Real Housewife Nene Leakes.

The first show centered in on the recent fashion showcased at the MTV VMAs on Sunday.

“Well honestly, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t personally see something and think, ‘What would my mom say about this?’” Melissa Rivers said, before introducing the show’s new segment “What Would Joan Say.” She then pulled up a picture of Justin Bieber, prompting NeNe Leakes, Giuliana Rancic, Margaret Cho and Brad Goreski to weigh in on his now-flowing locks with quips obviously penned by staff writers.

The show was not afraid to address the drama head on, as it opened with Melissa cleaning up “old messes,” as she held up violet and red pieces of hair (notably the colors of Kelly and Kathy’s tresses).

“Tweet us with the hashtag #WWJS and we might just use your joke next week,” Melissa said at the end of the What Would Joan Say segment, adding, “And you know what, this is so exciting, even celebrities are getting in on it.” The camera then cut to Frankie Grande screaming unintelligibly, in an unintended but true moment of hilarity.

britney spearks kesha on jane the virgin show 2015 gossipCW’s Jane the Virgin is gearing up for a big season.

The network recently revealed that Britney Spears would appear as a guest star on the hit series. Britney will apparently be starring as Rogelio’s nemesis in the fifth episode of the new season.

Britney Spears, Twitter post:

However, Britney isn’t the only pop star to join the cast. It has now been announced that singer Kesha will also be featured on the upcoming season of the show. Reports say that Kesha will be appearing as Jane’s new neighbor, Annabelle, who isn’t too fond of Jane’s newborn baby.

Kesha tweeted her excitement for the guest spot, saying:

“Stoked!!!!! I’ll be making a guest starring appearance on @CWJanetheVirgin on @CW!”

Kesha, Twitter post:

Kesha’s role will be notably different than Britney, as she will be embodying a character. In contrast, Britney’s one episode spot will have her starring as herself.

Not only is the second season of Jane the Virgin filled with celebrities, it will also be centered on Jane’s adventures with her new baby.

Watch out for Kesha and Britney when Jane the Virgin returns on the CW on Monday, October 12 at 9 pm.