Escort Max 360 Keeps You Safe and Speed Conscious

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We’ve all done it at least once. You’re driving along the highway and suddenly realize you have no idea what the speed limit is in the area. Each state has their own speed limits and even within your own state it varies according to where you are. Many times it will be miles before you see a speed limit sign, but you can bet that there’ll be a policeman around during this time.

I had a great GSP that would relay the speed limit in the area to me which kept me on track, but then I upgraded to another car with a built-in GPS, but sadly, this one didn’t include a speed limit information area. In my state, the speed limit changes as quickly as a Kardashian changes their idea of fashion, so it was rather frustrating not knowing if I was actually breaking the law or not.

Then came the Escort Max 360 Radar/Laser Detector in my life, and it truly has been an amazing technological wonder. Basically, the Max 360 is a system using Escort’s exclusive Defender Database of active red light and speed camera locations. The system alerts drivers when they are approaching speed traps or speed surveillance cameras.

 Additionally, the new updated system now has built-in Bluetooth technology that allows you to access a network of other radar users on your smartphone. Through their award-winning “social network for the road” Escort Live! App, you can connect with other detector users. In the app, you can get information about the local speed limits, get speeding alerts and report or receive warnings about local areas where roads are being monitored for speeding.

It feels like we keep getting barraged with the advances in technology that law enforcement officers are using. Drivers face an increasing amount of ways to be ticketed, whether it be a radar and laser guns, red light cameras, air patrol, photo radar (speed cameras) or the traditional cop car on the road; drivers are having to become hyper aware of their surroundings which can often be difficult when trying to focus on safely getting from A to B. Therefore, the Escort Radar Max 360 helps alleviate these extra stresses on drivers, as it delivers pinpoint precision that alerts drivers of speed traps and cameras quicker and with more accuracy than any other technology on the market today.

I always thought radar detectors (or Fuzzbusters when I was a kid) were illegal, but the fact is, they are only prohibited in Virginia and Washington, DC. Funny enough, it seems like anything and everything is fair game in DC, but not these. I guess there’s enough politicians that know how to get out of a speeding ticket anyway.

Since many states, including mine, have speed limits of 70 miles per hour, there’s really no need to speed, and I think these devices are great for helping keeping us aware. My new car rides so smoothly I can creep up over 70  mph and not even realize, and the Escort Max 360 now helps me realize when that happens like my old GPS used to. That’s what I recommend this amazing device for the most. If you’re a chronic speeder who just can’t resist, you’ll get caught eventually, but this device can help lessen those chances.

The system also has a dual antenna front and rear detection feature that detects surrounding threats. With its GPS-powered AutoLearn technology, the Max 360 intelligently filters out false alerts based on their signal frequency and location. The product also has Digital Signal Processing, which provides users with extreme range and lightning fast responses.

Once of the best things that shows you how good this product is; Escort is so confident with the Max 360 that they are offering customers a “Speeding Ticket Limited Guarantee,” which promises to pay for any speeding ticket (both radar and laser) that a user receives after purchasing a system factory direct. Escort is also offering to buy old detectors from customers and give them credit towards their purchase of a new and improved console.

Industry experts can’t say enough great things about the Escort 360 either. Speed Measurement Laboratory Inc. comments: “In 30 years of impartial testing, we haven’t seen the astoundingly accurate reporting range or the immediacy of alert by any other system.”

The amazing Escort Max 360 is available now for $649.95. Yes, it might sound like a steep price, but consider how much a speeding ticket costs along with the increase in your insurance premium. Then after you calculate that, think again. After buying the console, users can opt to purchase an additional 24-month service plan and a 1 or 3-year upgrade that allows them to receive weekly speed trap and camera updates.

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