RHOA Phaedra Parks & Kim Fields Fine With Violence Against Women or Kenya Moore

Real Housewives of Atlanta 807 Phaedra Parks & Kim Fields Fine With Violence Against Women 2015 images

RHOA Phaedra Parks & Kim Fields Fine With ViolenceThe Real Housewives of Atlanta was all the way live this week and the one bringing the drama isn’t even a part of the cast. What was really sad was that the one time when women should be rallying together, these ladies were splintered off.

There is a so much going on that it’s hard to believe that what happened actually happened. It picks up right where it left off in the last episode. The girls on the boat with the guys they met and Tammy’s nephew Glen heading back to the house. Kenya snaps her fingers at him trying to get his attention and he pretty much tells her “oh no you didn’t.”

They get back to the house, change into their swimsuits and head to the jacuzzi. Even Kandi joins them (poolside of course) because remember she didn’t go with them to the restaurant and on the boat. Here is where things get ugly.

If you thought that Glen was just being rude to Kenya because it’s Kenya, you were wrong. This guy is just an asshole. So much so that he even tries to start something with Kandi. Yes, pregnant Kandi. As she and Kim sit by the pool, he congratulates her. I guess she didn’t answer the way he wanted so he says to her, “What was that attitude?” When Kandi looks at him like “what?” and says “Did I have an attitude” he responds, “I’m asking you… shit I don’t want nothing with you… I’ll do anything until somebody disrespects me.” What the hell are you talking about Glen? How did she disrespect you fool? But he doesn’t stop there.

When he gets to the Jacuzzi, he sits next to Sharee as they seem to have hit it off. But as they talk he tells her that Kandi has an attitude problem and “I ain’t did nothing wrong.” Then Kenya says something jokingly about Tammy, and he tells her “Don’t talk bad about my aunt… don’t say nothing… don’t try to dare bring it my way… I’m not finna play with any bitch ass bitches on the bullshit.” 0 to 100 for no reason.

You can see that Phaedra and others in the pool are clearly uncomfortable. Kenya goes to talk to Kandi, Cynthia and Kim and they all pretty much share the same sentiment about Glen- he’s weird. So Kenya decides that he has to go.

glen rice jr violence against kenya moore rhoa 2015 imagesBut being the hardass he is, Glen is not about to go quietly. The situation moves inside and she calls for security. While she’s going that, Tammy tries to talk to her nephew, but he doesn’t want to hear it as he is aggressively making his way toward Kenya calling her “little bitch.” He even pushes, hard, Tammy out of the way. She hits her head and is out. Security comes in, and several guys have to all but sit on him to calm his ass down. The others run to Tammy, who isn’t responding so call the paramedics.

In the aftermath of everything that happened, the girls blame Kenya, even Kim. They feel that she was flirting with him at first and when he didn’t return her “advances” she provoked him, and she should have stayed out of it. I wholeheartedly disagree.

The guy was rude from the beginning and coming at people sideways for no reason. He clearly has anger issues and doesn’t mind manhandling women. The fact that they are putting any blame on her and not seeing it for what it is, domestic violence, makes it as if they condone his actions.

No matter what a woman does or says to a man, we all know he should not put his hands on her, and he was coming for Kenya as she backed away from him. Plus, calling her out of her name is not cool. The situation was his fault and on him. Period. And it doesn’t matter if she was “feeling” him in the beginning or not, that shit happens all the time. You think a guy might be cool, find out he’s not and then deal with him as such. She was right to ask him to leave.

As far as the other things that happened during the episode. Kim leaves for a hotel the next morning because she just can’t deal with the drama. Kandi also leaves the trip early. Porsha goes on a date with Oliver, the man she met at the restaurant and he’s smooth. She is open to seeing where their interaction goes. Nothing else worthy of mention really happens while in Miami.

When they get back to Atlanta, Kim and Kenya have a conversation, and the Facts of Life actress tells her that she provoked the situation. Kenya doesn’t agree, but Kim, who shows strong resolve from which she does not back down, maintains that the situation could have been handled differently if Kenya had chosen to do so. In fact, no matter what Kenya says to Kim about the situation or about her leaving early, etc., Kim shuts her down.

In the end, it’s all good with the two as they seem to have an understanding. The Real Housewives of Atlanta was something else and from the looks of it, Kandi’s Friend Don Juan lets Phaedra and Kenya know about themselves next week, and that should be very interesting.