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Eric Weddle makes some big Ravens claims

Eric Weddle makes some big Ravens claims 2017 images

Eric Weddle Claims the 2017 Ravens are the ‘Strongest’ in Team History

The Baltimore Ravens haven’t been the same since their improbable victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Aside from general on-field issues at multiple positions, the Ravens have had more than their fair share of injuries—60 players on injured reserve over the past three seasons to be specific.

In response to the injury issues, the Ravens have turned to director of performance Steve Saunders, who has taken the majority of the team under his wings. Saunders has taken it upon himself to make special plans, unique for each player, not the typical one-size-fits-all approach. The reviews so far are promising.

“I can guarantee you this: We will be the strongest, most in-shape Ravens team that this team has ever had,” said safety Eric Weddle. “As a football player, I do not need to run 100, 200 [yards]. If I am running 100 yards, I should be cut. Because then I am getting beat. I do not need to be doing that. I need to be running 20, 30, 40 yards as fast as I can over and over and over at optimal energy and efficiency and speed. That alone is going to make us better.”

The team’s top cornerback Jimmy Smith has been so impressed with the results, he’s decided to almost entirely drop his personal trainer. Smith has had trouble staying on the field over the course of his six professional seasons, playing in all 16 games just twice.

Last year, the Ravens stumbled at the end of the season, missing the playoffs, in part because Smith was out. He isn’t going to let that happen again.

“I told my other trainer, ‘I am going to work out here a couple weeks and check it out and make sure,” said Smith. “But, I am going to be here the whole offseason, just because of how good of a job he does with us. For me, it would be my legs, making sure I can do running and jumping and all that because of the ankle injuries and foot injuries. I think that he does a good job in giving me extra exercises to get that all situated.”

The real question is, even if the Ravens can keep the squad healthy this season, do they have what it takes talent-wise to compete with the likes of the New England Patriots? Ehhh…

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