Enrique Iglesias Arrested & Kanye West Fan Promotes Kim Ray J Tape

enrique iglesias arrested for driving wrong lane 2015 gossip

enrique iglesias nick jonas chris brown kanye west 2015 gossip imagesEnrique Iglesias is in hot water after having been pulled over by Miami police in June. He was pulled over for driving in an express lane that was closed to traffic at the time with a suspended license. Rumors are that when he was pulled over he tried to lay the blame on the man who was his passenger in his car. Both Iglesias and his friend were arrested on charges of obstruction of justice after the two switched seats hoping the police wouldn’t notice. On July 10th both of them have to appear in court as a result.

The Florida Highway Patrol officer told that the 40-year-old singer was driving a white Cadillac Escalade in the closed express lanes on Interstate 95 in Miami-Dade County when he was pulled over, reported the source.

The source reported that Iglesias jumped into the passenger seat at the back of the vehicle, while his tour manager Abel Tabuyo moved to the driver’s seat.

“It was Mr. Iglesias that was the initial driver, yes,” the witness Lt. Julio Pajon confirmed to the local news channel – NBC 6 South Florida.

“Both Iglesias and Tabuyo were taken into custody and released after signing court-appearance commitments. They are to appear in court on July 10 and have entered not guilty pleas,” reported the source.

It was also reported that Iglesias was severely injured at a concert in Tijuana, Mexico, just a few weeks after the arrest in May. He was injured when he grabbed a drone during his performance at the concert. Following the injury, the singer also underwent a reconstructive surgery in Los Angeles.

enrique iglesias arrested for driving wrong lane 2015 gossipChris Brown is reportedly attempting to prove that he is the father of a one year old daughter named Royalty. The singer filed papers after Royalty’s mother decided the $2,500 a month he has been paying to her in child support isn’t enough money. She reportedly wants the amount raised to $15,000. No word on when the decision concerning more child support will be made.

chris brown royalty paternity test 2015 gossipSpeaking of Chris’s, Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly broken up with boyfriend Chris Martin, who has been unlucky in love since divorcing Gwyneth Paltrow. The reason for the break up is because of the busy work schedule Jennifer Lawrence maintains. Rumors are that one of the reasons she broke up with Chris Martin was because she is still cozy with Nicholas Holt, her ex-boyfriend as well as a former co-star. BUT NOW, Lawrence and Martin are fighting those rumors after having been spotted spending the Fourth of July in New York City and were seen walking hand in hand in Central Park. New Yorkers are now news Tweeting the couple wherever they’re scene proving they’re not broken up…yet.

nick jonas sexy not working for crossfitNick Jonas, despite having a major interest in fitness, is speaking out against CrossFit. This was caused by a recent CrossFit tweet in which the company posted a picture of a bottle of Coca Cola and the caption “open diabetes.” Jonas, who is a diabetic himself, sent out his own Tweet where he blasted CrossFit, calling their comment ignorant and emphasizing the importance of being sensitive about diseases such as diabetes and properly educating people on it. CrossFit’s response was to tweet that sugar is now linked to diabetes the way lung cancer is linked to smoking cigarettes.

Proving that Donald Trump isn’t as untouchable as he thinks he is, after recent controversial comments he made about Mexicans in America, NBC has officially cut ties with him. This is not derailing the Miss USA Pageant, which will carry on without Trump. The pageant is still scheduled for next weekend and will still be held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Organizers of the pageant released a statement saying that it has gone through many owners over the last 64 years and that it has always been an independent company.

jeremy renner talks being gay actor 2015 gossipJeremy Renner is publically stating that he has no problem with people assuming that he’s gay. He said he doesn’t care what people say about him and that when a celebrity googles themselves and finds articles stating that they are gay that celebrity has made it in the world of showbiz. He asked his fans if they wanted a world where people don’t judge others or put them to shame.

kanye west fan with kim kardashian ray j images 2015 gossipWrapping up this week’s celebrity gossip Kanye West saw a sex tape of wife Kim Kardashian and her ex-boyfriend Ray J. At a recent concert a fan had a flag with an image of Kardashian from the sex tape and dirty Kanye West song lyrics.