Donald Trump rallies continue serving up hate as main course

trump rally protestors

Donald Trump rallies continue serving up hate as main course 2016 images

This shit is out of control! I cannot tell you how many times I am left flabbergasted, saddened and utterly speechless by the things I hear about and see concerning Donald Trump.

It scares me to my core to think that people support this racist, narcissistic idiot. More than that, it leads me to believe that the world in which we live is closer to becoming an existence of pure hell.

Last night, Trump had a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and per usual, protestors were escorted out of the Klan, I mean ally. As the group, which included a man by the name of Rakeem Jones, was ushered out of the event, an older white man in a cowboy hat attacked Jones, punching him several times in the face. I mean, he went in on the innocent young protestor, but guess who was tackled to the ground and detained? Rakeem Jones.

Now not only did the Cumberland County police force put their hands on the wrong person, but they also did nothing to the assailant. More than that, Trump hasn’t done nor said anything about how wrong this situation is. In fact, he encourages this type of behavior at his events because his supporters are, essentially, taking up for him. His lack of interest and concern for the violence against people of color (POC) at his gatherings is telling.

America, please wake the fuck up. If you think we live in a racially charged society now, you best believe that a Donald J. Trump presidency will only plunge us further into social unrest. As a matter of fact, and even typing this gives me chills, I dare say that we become a people who exists in a world much like what we see in the movie The Purge. You know, a world where crime against the poor, minorities and the less fortunate is legal and even mandated by the government. I guarantee Trump would spin his reasons for allowing murder into a necessary evil that we cannot escape. The days of thinking “this will all blow over” are gone. “Donald Trump for president” is real and we had all better take note.

This is no joking matter. To say that waking up to the video in my timeline upset me is an understatement. It infuriated me. Jones was not violent, he didn’t harass anyone, but yet he became a victim of Donald’s Trump attention whoring (his run for presidency is nothing but that) because of systemic racism that exists in this country.

Trump is so full of himself that he sees any press as good press, even if that means people are being mistreated. He is more focused on getting his name out there and being heard and seen in the news than addressing the issues his presence in the presidential race is causing. How the hell are you campaigning to be the leader of America but show no regard for the violence, injustices and downright racism that takes place at your rallies? How are we letting this happen people? How?

trump rally protestors

As Rakeem Jones and the other members of his group (there were four in all including a muslin and a white woman) were escorted out of the facility, Trump’s supporters cheered. When the racist assailant attacked Jones, Trump’s supporters cheered louder. Which brings me to another fact about Trump running for president- He brings out the worst in people. Or rather, he brings out the truth in people.

Never before since the civil rights movement and the progression of race relations in America has there been a candidate like Trump. A candidate who doesn’t hid his prejudices, his racism or his misogyny. He is a man who doesn’t have to ask or beg for money because he is rich. There’s no faking who he really is. No fear of losing monetary support. He can be honest about his beliefs as he wants, thus empowering others to do the same. And that empowerment is what will bring us to the precipice of something as catastrophic as a civil war. Yes, it is that serious. How can you not look at his effect on people and think otherwise?

I do not hide the doom and gloom I feel about the possibility of a Trump run America. People do not change. What he allows at his rallies and what he propagates is what he will allow as president. Thinking that he will do something differently is like a woman marrying her cheating boyfriend believing he will all of a sudden stop fucking other chicks. That’s not how life works because it’s not how people work.

Donald Trump is dangerous, and his continued victories are dangerous. He is condescending, he is immature, he is temperamental, and he is delusional. We have to do something to curtail his progress.

Our entire existence depends on us doing so.