Demi Lovato talks self medicating and Tyga spends freely again

demi lovato talks self medicating and tyga spends freely again 2016 gossip

demi lovato talks self medicating and tyga spends freely again 2016 gossip

Pop singer Demi Lovato has never shied away from talking about her troubled past. In a recent interview with American Airlines’ in-flight magazine American Way, the “Confident” songstress continued to show her strength by talking candidly about her struggles with substance abuse and a very serious eating disorder.

In the interview, Demi admits that she self-medicated with excessive amounts of OxyCotin, alcohol and cocaine. She confessed, “I lived fast, and I was going to die young. I didn’t think I would make it to 21.” Fortunately, at age 18 Demi checked herself into rehab and has maintained a dramatically healthier lifestyle since (she is now 23 years old).

In the article Demi also recounts the incident in 2010 that lead to her rehab stay. While on tour with fellow Disney artists, the Jonas Brothers, Demi punched one of the tour’s backup dancers. The singer recalled thinking “so now I’m in rehab.” Going on to state, “I thought, ‘Oh great, now the world thinks I’m just another stereotype’ I thought, ‘I’m not in treatment for a drug and alcohol problem.’ But once I started eating again, the other issues got worse. It was like whack-a-mole.” While initially Demi was admitted and diagnosed with bipolar disorder and bulimia, she soon realized that there were other issues needing to be tackled as well.

This past March marked Demi’s fourth year of sobriety. She is currently gearing up to head out on her Future Now Tour with Nick Jonas.

tyga back with kylie jenner ntyga back with kylie jenner new grill 2016 gossipew grill 2016 gossip

While he may have said his past relationship tampered with his musical career, rapper Tyga is clearly feeling financially stable enough to drop some big bucks on pretty frivolous things.

Media outlet TMZ just reported that Tyga purchased yet another grill for his teeth. The 26-year-old stopped by celebrity jeweler Ben Baller and walked away with an 18-carat grill – which just so happens to be the most expensive grill Ben has ever made. The piece includes a stunning 1400 diamonds. Inevitably, the “Rack City” singer ended up having to pay a whopping $45,000 for his latest accessory.

Ben Baller took to his Instagram to share Tyga’s newest addition to his grill collection. Alongside a picture of the diamond-encrusted accessory Ben captioned, “Its official [Tyga] has the hardest diamond grills in the world. Our best work. All invisibly set princess-cut VVS [diamonds] with pave diamond borders. Game over. Step your fame up and f*** with us.”

Ben Baller, Instagram post:

tyga diamond crusted grill 2016 gossip

Despite reports of money troubles, Tyga continues to shower himself with lavish gifts. In fact, the rapper already bought a $35,000 pink grill earlier this year.

Nonetheless, his expensive accessories seem to be doing the job when it comes to reigniting his romance with Kylie Jenner. The rapper, Kylie and his new grill were spotted partying on Saturday night at 1Oak nightclub in West Hollywood.