DEADLIEST CATCH Super Bowl Seahawks Reaction

deadly catch super bowl reaction 2015 2

deadly catch super bowl reaction 2015 2I usually don’t get reeled in with unnecessary’s offseason “news.” But I got hooked this morning with the video reaction they posted from the crew of a ship from the reality show, “Deadliest Catch.” Theses crab boat workers were apparently all Seattle Seahawks fans who were listening to a friend on the phone giving Super Bowl 49 updates. The video is truly priceless and is a snapshot of what every Hawk fan must have felt during the last second disaster on the one yard line. You can check out the full video just below.

Let’s keep in mind that this is a reality show. Although it is certainly one of the better ones (that shit is really dangerous), for all we know they shot the scene weeks after the Super Bowl was over after some intern suggested it would make for some good footage. I will give them the benefit of the doubt since I’m not going to hunt down the producers and waterboard them until they convince me they are keeping it real on this scene.

The bugged eyed gentleman facing the camera has the perfect look after hearing about the interception. His face tells the story of shock and dismay about the word “interception.” The crew was talking about Beast Mode on the way up to listen together with the ship’s captain. So it takes 3.5 seconds for bugged guy to ask the question everyone in America asked on February 1, 2015, “Why’d they throw it?” Great question as the fellow on the cell phone repeats the question back to the crew in the form of an answer, “Why did they throw it.” Translated: “Pete Carroll lost his freaking mind and decide to get cute.”

deadliest catch super bowl reactions 2015After a few “OMGs” and an “IDIOT” blast, the crew heads back to work on the rough seas trying to snatch up a boatload of crabs. Malcolm Butler made the deadliest catch in Super Bowl history, snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I assume the ship’s crew of Seahawks fans made it back to land safely. The captain seems like a competent leader. I doubt he would try anything fancy as his guys were reeling in several cages full of valuable crabs. Of course he could have had a mental break like Pete Carroll and told his guys to cut the ropes so they could use some scuba gear to dive down and retrieve the crab cages manually so their success would have a bit more pizazz.

What could have been a celebration on that crab boat turned into grand disappointment. I’m sure the fisherman appreciated that let down as they got ready to finish up their 19 hour shift.
Deadliest Catch Super Bowl Reaction As Seattle Seahawks Lose To New England Patriots