‘Dead Body’ Trailer Surfaces

dead body trailer surfaces 2015 movies

dead body trailer surfaces 2015 moviesJust because Halloween has passed us by doesn’t mean you can’t still catch some gore and horror. Upcoming horror movie Dead Body is set to premiere at this month’s NYC Horror Fest, and thus, the teaser trailer has been released online.

The movie is about nine high school kids who decide to celebrate their graduation at a secluded home in the middle of the woods. While out in the wilderness, the group reminisces on their high school memories while imagining what life will be like now that they are ready to leave home. As their party begins to die down, they decide to play a game, known as Dead Body. However, one of the guests takes the game too seriously and actually begins murdering their fellow graduates one by one. Therefore, it is up to the group (those who are still alive) to band together and try to determine whom the killer is before it is too late.

Dead Body was produced by Ian Bell and Ramon Isao and directed by first-time female filmmaker Bobbin Ramsey. Their team worked together for over three years perfecting the script. The movie’s post-production cost was actually partially funded through KickStarter. Their crowdsourcing campaign raised $25, 410 and became a staff picked favorite on the popular fundraising site.

The film includes many up-and-coming actors, who come from strong theater backgrounds. Director Bobbin Ramsey also acted as the movie’s stage director. Ramsey commented on her directing of the cast saying, “the most important thing to remember when working with actors in a horror movie is to constantly remind them of the stakes. Remembering that every character is fighting for survival, no matter where you are in chronology of the film is necessary to building the momentum of the horror and giving the character forward movement through the plot.”

The crew working on Dead Body wanted to use clever manipulation of both the horror and whodunit genres. It is noted that the movie is reminiscent of Clue and the works of Agatha Christie. Dead Body aims to keep audiences guessing while providing intense thrills lead by a strong female character. Additionally, it aims to keep up with the best of the slasher movie genre.

The trailer begins with one of the high school students suggesting that the group plays “Dead Body.” While some are not into the idea, the group eventually decides to give the game a go. The student goes on to explain the rules saying, “one of us is secretly the killer and after I count to 3 and hit the lights, we all hide. Once a minute passes, the murderer sneaks around. And if he or she pinches you, you’re out.” Another partygoer goes on to explain, “If you find a victim you yell out “Dead Body” and then we all regroup and argue out who we think the killer is.” Unfortunately, the mood of the clip takes a turn as it shows hints of the slashing that occurs after the game commences. One guy notes, “[the game] beats PlayStation,” however from the trailer it looks like he won’t be thinking that for long.

The movie stars several young actors, including Cooper Hopkins (ZMD: Zombies of Mass Destruction), Nathan Pringle, Jay Myers, and Miho Aizawa. Together they soon find out that the murderer is doing a lot more than “pinching” their victims. Ultimately, they have to try and overcome their personal paranoia, mistrust and built up animosities for one another, in order to outwit the murderer and make it through “the game” alive.

The film will be featured at the NYC Horror Festival, which runs from November 12-14. Previous guests of the highly competitive NYC festival include Wes Craven, Rob Zombie and Roger Corman. Dead Body is also being played at the Another Hole in the Head Festival on November 14 in San Francisco.
Dead Body Trailer