Celebrity Gossip Weekly Roundup 2014

justin bieber fake photoshopped bulge hair 2015

justin bieber fake photoshopped bulge hair 2015

This week in celebrity gossip includes couples in love, couples in crisis and the antics of some of today’s hottest stars. First up, actress Vanessa Hudgens is singing the praises of her boyfriend for the gifts he recently gave to her on her birthday. She posted a picture on Instagram of the beautifully wrapped gifts and the bouquet of flower he sent her. She then declared boyfriend Austin Butler is excellent at giving and even wrapping presents. In addition to the gifts and flowers he gave her, Austin had a dessert delivered to Vanessa at her gym during her workout.

Proving that not every female celebrity insists on hiding behind a face full of makeup every waking moment of the day Gisele Bundchen recently took her kids to their dad Tom Brady’s New England Patriots game without having a drop of makeup on her face.

Kate Hudson was spotted this past weekend spending time with her girlfriends after announcing to the world that her engagement to fiancé Matthew Bellamy has now been broken. She posted pictures online of her getting her face painted with her friends and not looking particularly bothered over her broken engagement. The most likely reason the engagement ended in a break up is Kate’s desire to look elsewhere for romance as she was spotted earlier this month at a restaurant in West Hollywood kissing Dancing With The Stars pro Derek Hough.

In some rather disturbing celebrity gossip former Seventh Heaven star Stephen Collins recently confessed to Katie Couric that he has participated in sexual activities with girls who were under age. The actor admitted to being flawed but denied living a double life. He then went on to say that he was committed to dealing with his sexual exploits in his private life and wasn’t prepared to deal with it in the public eye.

In much happier celebrity gossip Stevie Wonder recently became a father again when his girlfriend gave birth to their daughter, Nina. During an interview on The View last month Stevie addressed rumors that girlfriend Tomeeka Robyn Bracy was carrying triplets. He added that rumors are always spread in Hollywood and that when people believe the false rumors they suffer for it.

Madonna is mad as hell this week after music from her upcoming album Iconic was leaked onto the Internet. As a result, Madonna took to Instagram to express her displeasure at this turn of events. She compared having her new music leaked early to the acts of terrorism and rape. Madonna also thanked the fans that did not listen to the leaked music online. She went on to mention that any of her new songs her fans heard on the Internet are unfinished demos that were not ready to be heard. Many of Madonna’s fans are up in arms over her comparisons of having her music leaked to something as serious as rape.

Though the two allegedly aren’t together anymore Selena Gomez was very upset to learn that Justin Bieber made an appearance at her best friend Taylor Swift’s recent birthday party. Selena reportedly had a temper tantrum when her ex arrived at the bash despite the fact that she could have played cool, ignored it and just enjoyed hanging out with fellow party guests which included Justin Timberlake as well as Jay Z and Beyonce. In more Justin Bieber gossip the singer denied rumors that he has been dating Hailey Baldwin even though everyone has been saying that he has.

With the recent hacking of Sony Pictures it has come to light that Alex Trebek is unhappy with the recent controversy he faced over a Jeopardy taping. In an allegedly nasty email Trebex expressed anger over having to tape a Kids Week segment more than once. The reason for the retake was that one of the three child contestants could not advance to Final Jeopardy because they hadn’t won enough money in the game. The mother of the child that couldn’t play Final Jeopardy wanted a retake because she felt like Trebek had not done enough to soften the blow over her daughter’s loss. The game show host stated that he has spent the last 30 years defending the show, but no one would step up to defend him. He also stated that he felt he wasn’t getting enough support from Jeopardy producers.

Mariah Carey is coming under fire for her recent performance at NYC’s Beacon Theatre. There were many awkward moments during the performance. During a performance of her smash hit “Hero” her shoe fell off of her foot. Mariah promptly paused her performance and began crying onstage. In a tweet she sent out after the concert was over she gave no indication of the things that had gone wrong, instead stating that she was in the holiday spirit and enjoyed her performance.

In the next issue of Glamour Magazine, set to hit stands next month, Orlando Bloom spoke of his desire to go back to acting in theatres as opposed to just movies. The single father of son Flynn has stated that since his baby son lives in California he is looking to get back into the California theatre scene in order to make an impact on the life of his son.

Former Spice Girl Mel B was allegedly abused by her husband Stephen Belafonte. The singer recently moved out of the home she shared with him. Though Scary Spice was supposed to make an appearance at last weekend’s taping of the X Factor in the U.K. She reportedly skipped the taping because she was suffering from an unidentified illness. When she appeared the next night at the X Factor season finale not only was she not wearing her wedding ring she also had bruised arms and a bruised face.

That is this week’s celebrity gossip. With some good news but mostly bad news celebrities continue to prove that they are always involved in some kind of crazy rumor mill.