Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Chris Brown Gives ‘Thot’ Lessons & Iyanla Kicked Out

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Today on the rumor mill, the ongoing absurdity that we just can’t seem to get enough of is back and we are starting with none other than Chris Brown himself giving out lessons on how not to be a ho. Plus Raven Symone thinks it’s fine to call Michelle Obama an ape.

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Breezy Tells Karrueche “Don’t be a Thot”

I am not quite sure why Chris Brown feels the need to give advice to anyone on anything period, but he seems to have some “words of wisdom” for his former flame Karrueche Tran. It is super apparent that he is keeping tabs on his ex, you know, since she left him early this month because of his secret love child named Royalty with some model.

Tran recently posted some juicy pictures of herself on Instagram that did what she more than likely intended for them to do- Get her ex’s attention. During her recent trip in Miami with fellow hottie Christina Milian, she was obviously feeling herself and wanted the whole world to know so she posted some ass shots in her tiny winy bikini.

Brown, of course, got wind of the pictures and had these words for her:

“Thirst trap 101 (smiley face). Continue to be a lady beautiful…. U are perfect… Don’t let the Thot form from anger”

Hmmmm, sounds like a big brother giving his sweet little sister advice about the world. I kind of get why he is saying it but come on, Breezy, just leave the girl alone and stop trolling her IG. It’s clear that he still wants her and clear she has moved on.

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Karrueche Kicks Iyanla Out of her House During Interview

Speaking of Karrueche, she recently abruptly ended her interview with Iyanla Vanzant for her OWN TV show Iyanla Fix My Life. The story goes that she was told it would be positive and it apparently was far from it. She was asked about her relationship with Chris Brown and if she slept with him as soon as they met because he was a superstar and Karrueche told her that it was months before they had sex. Iyanla didn’t believe her I guess and, for the sake of “good TV,” kept prying.

Iyanla also asked the question all of us wanted to know- why the hell did she date Brown after he beat Rihanna and turned around and cheated with her. At this point, it is reported that her manager ended the interview and made Iyanla and the crew leave. But don’t worry, we will still get the skinny on everything that went down because the crew was invited back into the house a few hours later, you know, after everyone calmed down. Plus, let’s be real, it’s Oprah’s network. Who’s gonna kick Oprah out of their house and get away with it?

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Raven Symone Defends UniVison Host Fired for calling Michelle Obama an Ape

Raven Symone has shown just how much of a sellout she truly is. In a guest anchor spot on The View this week, this chick had the nerve to say that the comments made by Rodner Figueroa weren’t as bad as everyone is making it because the truth is,

“some people just look like animals.”

On the show, host Rosie Perez broke down what many black people already know about a majority of Latin people.

“There is a secret in the Latin community, specifically the Caribbean, South American, Central American Latin community. They are very racist. They never want to be in the same group as black people.”

For whatever reason, this caused Symone to give her lousy two cents after Perez called Figueroa a racist saying, “But was he saying it racist-like? Because he said he voted for her later. And I don’t think he was saying it racist,”

Perez further explained her point by saying that racism is a huge problem in the Hispanic community and I guess Symone just had to say something because that’s when she opened her mouth and said,

“Not Michelle Obama. Michelle, don’t fire me from this right now, but some people do look like animals…So can I be mad if someone called me Toucan Sam?”

First of all Raven Symone, no one really cares about you or what you think. You have not the remotest importance in the world in which we live like Michelle Obama, you know, the first lady of the United States. Secondly, being compared to an Ape (which black people have continuously for centuries been likened to) and a colorful, playful bird are not the same thing. Just do us all a favor and stop talking… like forever.

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MoNique Gets Paid by HBO For Bessie Biopic

MoNique is still in the spotlight and this time, she lets it be known that her most recent project, the HBO Queen Latifiah lead biopic entitled Bessie, brought in the big bucks for her part in the movie.

According to the star, who claimed last month that she was blackballed in Hollywood and is why we haven’t really heard from her in five years, HBO paid her more for Bessie than she has been paid her whole career. This is an interesting claim because it means that she either has never really been “paid” or they really gave her what she feel she’s worth. I mean it is kind of hard to believe that they paid her that much but then it comes down to what you think she gets paid on the regular. I mean, she has been around for a while so… it’s just a big statement.

But nonetheless, good for her. It seems she is “playing the game” this time around too, going out and promoting the film which she was accused of not doing for the Oscar winning film Precious, which she won the best supporting actress award. Just remember MoNique, if you’re making up high numbers, the IRS watches gossip columns like ours for this kind of info…I just don’t wanna see you going the Wesley Snipes route.