BIG BANG THEORY Recap 818: Left out Leonard & Leftovers

sheldon tells leonard about magazine on big bang theory 2015

On this week’s Big Bang Theory, Sheldon received his copy of the latest issue of Scientific American, a magazine that did a piece on the paper Sheldon and Leonard wrote together. Amy read through the article and said that Leonard wasn’t mentioned in it.

sheldon leaves leonard out of article scientific american big bang theory 205

In their apartment Sheldon tried to drop hints to Leonard that his name wasn’t mentioned in the Scientific American article about their paper. He then confessed that he was mentioned in the article but Leonard was not. Penny looked at the article and tried to comfort Leonard by shopping online for things he would like. Then Sheldon knocked on Penny’s door looking for Leonard. He told Leonard he had called the reporter who wrote the article and found out the reporter’s editor chose to only mention the lead scientist on the project that inspired the paper and that lead scientist was Sheldon. When Leonard objected to this by saying the paper was his idea Sheldon confessed that the reporter said he had been following Sheldon’s career for awhile.

sheldon tells leonard about magazine on big bang theory 2015

Howard and Bernadette drove Raj to Howard’s mother’s house and thanked him for agreeing to help them with the belongings of Howard’s late mother. Bernadette said that Howard was having a hard time letting go of his mother’s belongings. When they arrived at his mother’s house they called out for Stuart, who had been living there at the time of her death. Stuart then told them the power was out in the house because a transformer blew up on their block.

Howard then became upset that all the food his mom had in her freezer was defrosting. Since these were the last foods she ever made he was emotional about losing them. Howard then said that they were going to eat all the food in the freezer and Bernadette exclaimed that there was close to 20 pounds of food in the freezer. Howard then suggested inviting everyone to the house for dinner because it would be like his mom was feeding all of them one last time.

shedlon gives leonard a back rub on big bang theory 815 2015

Raj helped Bernadette and Howard heat up the food from his mother’s freezer and Howard remarked that his mom always thought she could cure any illness with her cooking. Then Leonard and Penny arrived at the house and were let in by Stuart. Then Sheldon and Amy arrived. Howard and Bernadette then came into the living room and told everyone that it was not going to be a sad occasion. Amy offered to help in the kitchen but Bernadette told her that wasn’t necessary and that everyone could get comfortable. Penny and Amy then stated that they were there for Howard and that Sheldon and Leonard better behave themselves.

sheldons mom freezer dies for big bang theory 2015

At the dinner table they discussed the fact that of all the food on the table, none of it was a vegetable. Raj then proposed a topic of discussion for the meal. They talked about gender equality and about the fact that these days more women read comic books than they ever did in the past. The conversation then turned into Leonard and Sheldon arguing about the Scientific American article with Sheldon implying execution of an idea is more important than the inspiration behind it, which Leonard objected to. Howard then said as an engineer he leads more towards execution than inspiration.

The argument between Leonard and Sheldon then escalated. Bernadette scolded them and told both of them to leave the dinner table and go into the living room with her. The gang then listened to Bernadette screaming at Leonard and Sheldon and telling them to put their argument aside. She then told them to go back in the dining room and be good or neither of them was getting dessert. Howard asked the gang if they noticed that Bernadette sounded like his late mom and they denied it vehemently.

big bang theory leftover episode 2015

After dinner, the gang passed out in the living room, which was lit only by the menorahs that belonged to Howard’s mom. Sheldon found an article online about his and Leonard’s paper that Leonard’s name was mentioned in but the gang was too sleepy to care. Bernadette then came into the living room and announced that she had found more Tums.