Celebrity Gossip Recap: Liv Tyler Shocked Kanye West Improved Kim Kardashian

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Celebrity Gossip Recap: Liv Tyler Shocked Kanye West Improved Kim Kardashian

This week’s celebrity gossip includes bad behavior from so called role models, temper tantrums and a loss within the entertainment world. First up is rapper Afroman’s despicable performance at a recent concert where he reportedly punched a female fan in the face after she jumped on stage and started dancing  behind him, during his performance. The venue staff then ended the concert on the spot and took him to a local police officer, who then arrested Afroman. According to the rapper’s representative, Afroman performed an involuntary reflex to defend himself from the fan.

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As is the case most weeks, the Kardashians are also involved in celebrity gossip as Kanye West recently confessed to having lost some of his friends when he chose to start dating Kim Kardashian. He said that these were friends who didn’t like Kim to begin with, so when he started dating her they stopped speaking to him. Much of the controversy the couple has faced has to do with the fact that Kim is a reality TV star, which many people seem to find trashy. Kanye shot down the couple’s haters by declaring that the two have actually caused improvements in each other.

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Not one to be outdone by her sister, Khloe Kardashian is also the subject of gossip this week as her rivalry with Amber Rose continues to play out on Twitter. Amber Rose is once again claiming that Khloe’s biological father is actually O.J. Simpson. Kylie Jenner has also jumped into the war in attempt to defend her sister and tell Amber Rose in no uncertain terms to back off her sister.

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Since they are such media whores, the Kardashians are also included in this week’s celebrity gossip after an incident during Fashion Week in NYC as Kim and Kanye’s 19-month old daughter, North West, who was in attendance with both parents, reportedly threw a temper tantrum. According to those who witnessed it Kanye and Kim could not get North under control. Kris Jenner took a picture of the child having a temper tantrum and posted it on her Instagram account.

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In news that has to astound anyone with any taste, Lady Gaga announced her engagement this week. Longtime boyfriend Taylor Kinney proposed to her on Valentine’s Day. Two days later Lady Gaga posted a picture of her engagement ring on Twitter and Britney Spears sent her a tweet congratulating her. Caroline Rhea and Ellen DeGeneres also tweeted their congratulations to the singer. As of now, no wedding date has been announced.

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Proving he has nothing better to do, Justin Bieber has once again made this week’s celebrity gossip. During yet another recent appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Justin prank called a fan of his after stating that he and his friends make prank phone calls all the time (which begs the question, did he just turn 21 or 12?)The fan Justin made the prank phone call to happen to be a student at the University of Massachusetts. In a British accent, Justin acted like he was a University faculty member calling the woman over attendance issues. Before the call ended Ellen got on the phone and announced to the girl that she had just been talking to Justin Bieber. She also told the excited fan that she was buying her a plane ticket to fly to California so she could meet Justin Bieber in person.

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Aside from multiple appearances on the Ellen Degeneres show Justin Bieber is also in this week’s celebrity gossip spotlight because he went to an after party for a recent Adidas fashion show held in New York City. Justin headed to the party with Sean Combs where she showed off his sleek red leather jacket described as a “Michael Jackson Thriller” type jacket.

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Sad news out of New York City this week as Lesley Gore, a singer whose biggest hit in the 1960s was “It’s My Party”, passed away at the age of 68 from cancer. Her longtime partner Lois Sasson announced her death to the media.

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High profile model Bar Refaeli recently attended a ceremony in New York City where she was honored as Hublot’s new brand ambassador. This marks the first time in history a woman has held this position. The world renowned watch manufacturer held the ceremony to recognize their new ambassador. Those in attendance at the ceremony also included the company’s CEO, another company ambassador and the President of the company.

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Further proving that celebrities aren’t always role models for the rest of us Emile Hirsch was busted recently for putting a female attendee of the Sundance Film Festival in a chokehold. As a result of the chokehold the victim reportedly fell unconscious. Reports state that Hirsch told police the incident happened because he was drunk and he doesn’t even know the woman he assaulted. Hirsch could serve up to five years in jail as punishment.

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Liv Tyler had the shock of her life one week ago when she went into labor six weeks before her due date. Though the family had concerns that the early onset of labor would hurt the baby, Liv gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

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It is quite possible that actor Charlie Hunnam is kicking himself for having given up the role of Christian Grey in the much hyped about “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. Dakota Johnson, who starred in the movie, said in a recent interview on David Letterman’s late night talk show that Hunnam must have gotten confused and that she believed he turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts. Since the movie has already earned $265 million at the box office, it is quite possible Hunnam shot himself in the foot.

charlie hunan wishing hed done fifty shades of grey with dakota johnson 2015

That’s it for this week’s celebrity gossip. As one of those weeks where the bad news outweighs the good news it will be interesting to see what is to come over the next several months as these celebrities continue to make gossip headlines, good or bad.