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Movie TV Tech Geeks reviews blu-rays and dvds equally since there are still some of you out there that haven’t upgraded.

‘The Dinner’ (2013) review: Korean cinema at its best

Kim Dong Hyun's The Dinner 2013 film isn't always the easiest film to watch, but it reflects the best in Korean cinema.

‘Naked Ambition 3D’ (2014) review promises everything in the title

Naked Ambition 3D delivers on its title which should make some viewers happy, but otherwise, it's an okay Hong Kong comedy from director Lee Kung Lok.

‘The Intern’ Movie Review: Been There, Done It Better

New to DVD & blu-ray this week is one of two Robert De Niro movies. If I could describe “The Intern” in one word it would be “easy.” It’s not a movie you haven’t seen before dozens of times wrapped in dozens of different packages.