Carlena Britch talks fighting ‘Supernatural’ Jensen Ackles and Miriam

Supernatural’s Season 13 premiere, “Lost and Found,” was quite the emotional one; however, Carlena Britch’s role as Miriam added levity (c’mon, a drunk angel?) and a good old-fashioned Dean fight scene. If you haven’t read my review of the premiere, catch it here.

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To refresh your memory: Carlena plays Miriam, the “drunk” lady in the fast food restaurant that ends up being an angel, one that stabs Jack and in turn gets dusted by Dean. Carlena is not only an actress but a dancer as well – she has appeared in Lip Sync Battle dancing in that famous episode with Channing Tatum vs. his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum where Beyonce popped in, as well as Justin Bieber’s Believe.

One of Carlena’s answers makes me wonder if we’ll be seeing Miriam again …

carlena britch miriam fight with jensen ackles supernatural mttg interview

Your character, Miriam, had quite the entrance – and the exit.

What was your favourite part about playing her?

I loved my initial unassuming entrance as a mere nuisance to the Winchester brothers plans. The initial shock in both the writing (and Dean’s face!) when Miriam comes back to kick some butt was super badass.

What kind of background did Miriam have as an angel, that made her play the “drunk girl” so well? (Angels are notoriously, well, stuffed shirts.)

Miriam’s got a sass to her that no wings or halo could tame, with a background full of pranks and clowning around. Needless to say, she’s got many tricks up her sleeve. Keep your eyes peeled!

supernatural jensen ackles dean winchester knife to carlena britch miriam

Tell us about the fight scene with Jensen Ackles. I understand that you broke something?

Thankfully nothing was broken, (minus a few set pieces – sorry props!) but I did finish the episode with a minor fractured left thumb due to my own adrenaline taking over while filming. Jensen was a pleasure to work with, and we built a really awesome level of trust within all of the physical elements.

How did you get into acting?

I always felt as if I was acting, even onstage during my dance years. I naturally translated character and emotion into the movement and choreography I was doing. And, while filming my first movie, Disney’s ‘Camp Rock 2’, I knew that soon enough the same characters and emotions would exist on screen without the dance moves.

How has being a dancer affected you as an actor?

I am so comfortable in my own body thanks to 18 years of professional dance training, and I’ve been fortunate enough to translate my abilities into stunt work and martial arts over the last 2 years.

carlena britch miriam supernatural trailer on set
Images: @CarlenaBritch Twitter

What was the funniest thing to happen during filming?

On our first shoot day (and also the first shooting day of the season!) Jared and Jensen rented an ice cream truck for the cast and crew. While filming the scene of the 3 of us hanging by the Impala, Jared did the entire thing with vanilla ice cream dripping out of his mouth. None of us could keep a straight face!

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Carlena Britch in “Brother’s Keeper”

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

Yes! On December 8th, a Lifetime movie I’m starring in is premiering!

And I am currently shooting a psychological thriller titled ‘Stillwater’ set to release early next year! You can tweet Carlena up on Twitter.