Can Sony Make a Spider-Woman Film Instead?

Can Sony Make a Spider Woman Film Instead 2017 images cut

Can Sony Make a Spider-Woman Film Instead? 2017 images cut

Does anyone remember watching the Spider-Woman animated series back in the 80s? Yes. There was a Spider-Woman series back then, and the Spider-Woman featured there was Jessica Drew. One would immediately associate the cartoon to Spider-Man, but it worked nicely without him. There was an episode where our favorite web-slinger guested in. It didn’t seem to have lasted though, but the cartoon proves that Spider-Woman can stand on her own if given a good story.

Now fans were outraged at a misinterpreted statement given by former Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal in Cinemacon that they’ll pull Spider-Man out of the MCU someday. Misinterpreted or not, it’s a negative statement that any MCU or Spider-Man fan just couldn’t abide especially in the middle of swooning over the amazing new trailer of Spider-Man Homecoming. It seems evident that Sony just can’t wait for its goose to lay golden eggs and will someday yank it out from its new nest. Sony seems to be really missing the point of its partnership with Marvel wherein both studios can benefit.

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According to Forbes, Spider-Man is safe for the time being, and Tom Holland is still under contract for four more films in the MCU. But Sony is now trying to cash in on Spider-Man’s newfound popularity with the rumored films Venom, Black Cat and Silver Sable. Films that are apparently outside the MCU. Now Silver Sable can stand on her own but Black Cat and Venom without Spidey? Sounds like a terrible idea which can only drag the MCU Spidey’s name down the mud if those two films turn out to be terrible. But the character that Sony is really missing out on is Spider-Woman, as mentioned above.

Now why should Sony invest in Spider-Woman? The upcoming Wonder Woman film shows promise and Gal Gadot’s performance in Batman V Superman was impressive at best. If the Wonder Woman film becomes successful, expect an onslaught of female superheroes on the silver screen. Joss Whedon has expressed his intent to produce a solo Batgirl film for the DCEU, and it won’t hurt Sony much to produce a Spider-Woman film instead of producing Spider-Man based films that can’t possibly hold water without Spider-Man himself. Sony just needs a good writer, and there’s one man, already mentioned who can best pull it off. Many know by now that Joss Whedon is great with strong female characters. He created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and can probably do wonders with Batgirl. With a good deal, he can probably pull off a good Spider-Woman film.

Spider-Woman is a hero to herself, and her existence is not dependent on or can be detached from Spider-Man. Marvel has several Spider-Women in comics lately. There’s Jessica Drew, Mattie Franklin, Sharon Carpenter, Anya Corazon, an alternate universe Mayday Parker, an alternate universe Gwen Stacy and Cindy Moon aka Silk. Of these, Sony can take the opportunity to create standalone films based on Jessica Drew and Cindy Moon.

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Jessica Drew’s origin is through genetic manipulation as her parents sought to improve the human genome with the traits of several spiders. Her pregnant mother subjects herself to the experiment thus giving Jessica her powers. Her parents disappear, and she gets recruited by HYDRA. But the HYDRA aspect of her origin was done away in the cartoon. The cartoon origin can plausibly be adapted to film in which she got her powers as a child after getting doused with chemicals and spider genetic material during a lab fire. While Jessica lacks a good rogues gallery, she could easily borrow from Spider-Man’s stable of bad guys which is very numerous.

Now Cindy Moon aka Silk actually shares Peter Parker’s origin. She was at the same school experiment where Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider. The spider actually bit her first before going to Peter. Cindy, after all this time was hidden away by the villain Jackal. She has all the same powers Peter does except she can create her own webbing without the help of web shooters. She can create her own costume as well using her own webbing. Something Peter never thought of doing. He had to wear a paper bag when he lost his mask in the comics.

Being cooped up for so long, Peter gives Cindy her own identity and gets her work at the Daily Bugle. Like DC’s Supergirl series, some of Spider-Man’s stories and enemies can be adapted for her. By using the Spider-Woman characters, Sony can still cash in on Spider-Man’s popularity and even create its own Spider-Marvel Universe without ruining or destabilizing the MCU and earning the ire of fans.

It would be a real problem if Spider-Man becomes so popular then suddenly gets yanked away by Sony into another universe. So Sony can use Spider-Woman instead if not on film then in television much like CW’s Supergirl which is in her own universe. Sony could be sitting on a golden goose and just doesn’t know it. Then there’s Miles Morales. Let Disney keep Peter Parker, but that’s another story.