BRING IT! Recap: Traci & YCDT SupaStarz Revenge

traci shocks miss d in bring it revenge 2015

bring it! tracis revenge recap images 2015

This week, the Dancing Dolls are going to the Dance Explosion competition in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Their biggest rivals this time around is a familiar face- the YCDT Supastarz. The Miami based team is definately gunning for Diana and the girls as always.

traci supastarz for miss d bring it 2015

The last time the two teams met, Coach Traci’s likeness was made fun of horribly by the Dancing Dolls. They had a drag queen looking dude come out with purple hair and other clothing on that made it clear that she was making fun of Traci. The Miami coach felt that Diana went too far and is not playing with her this time.

traci dances with team supastarz on bring it 2015

In the beginning of the episode too, we see each team doing some of their moves for the competition and I have to say that the YCDT Supastarz did look like their routine was going to blow the Dancing Dolls out of the water. Did they? Well you have to keep reading to find that out now don’t you.

dancing dolls hannibal mask routine 2015 bring it

Anyway, some of the girls on DD are having a tough time remembering the moves because it is a very intricate routine. Ms. D has them doing some kind of crazy jacket, Hannibal mask routine. Of course she has the girls dance so that she can have cuts and it is dramatic and emotional as always.

The moms look in on as usual and this week Selena’s girls Sky and Star, did not make cuts but Zatia , who usually doesn’t, did so yay for her!

miss d dealing with mothers on bring it tracis revenge 2015

Selena is super pissed because they didn’t make it this week so she steps into the studio after practice and says to Diana, “Can I see you outside?” Ms. D looks at her like, “what” and Selena says “I will be waiting.” Ms. D cracks her knuckles as she makes her way to the door because she says when someone asks you to step outside, those are fighting words.

ycdt supastarz ready for dancing dolls bring it 2015

Selena confronts her in front of everybody and calm with, at first. She tells Diana that she should let Star and Sky try out again. Diana says “hell no” and it gets heated from there. Selena calls her out and says that she just picks the same girls each week (um your girls were picked the last two weeks if I do recall Selena) and accuses Diana of not even knowing which one is which. Ms. D says that she doesn’t know which one is which and pretty much doesn’t care to know because they act alike, dance alike, both have the same nonchalant attitude that “don’t give a damn about nothing.” They get into a shouting match and the other moms, in particular Tina, Kayla’s mom, are impressed with Selena. Diana tells her she’s not doing this and walks away because she does not want to go to jail.

For the record, I feel Selena in wanting her girls to get the most out of their experience, but… she has to realize that outside of Sonjay, are not great dancers. In fact, they are boring and give off the vibe that they are just doing what their mother wants them to do. I do think it’s great that she stood up to Diana because none of them ever do.

During the practice, one of their secret weapons, Andre, hurts himself while he’s flipping. He smashes right into the mirrors and is in a lot of pain, which just adds to the already high stakes DD is up against.

traci shocks miss d in bring it revenge 2015

The day of competition comes and things are complete chaios for the Dancing Dolls. YCDT goes on stage to do their routine, and I have to give it to Traci because she actually comes and dances with the girls. Like this girl is bad, from the way she looks to her dancing. She gave a very clear message to Diana and it was received without a doubt.

dancing dolls moms shocked with ycdt supastarz win bring it 2015

Next, the girls go out and do their thing and it is unique to say the least. DD is in straight jackets for their concept and it is cleaver, but it is not together and it shows. The parents are confused looking at the routine and Ms. D is pissed all the way off because the girls are just messing up.

kayla ready for ycdt supastarz stand battle bring it recap 2015

When the Dancing Dolls come off the floor, they are disappointed and Ms. D tells them that they failed it. It was horrible but they can still save face with the stand battle. They go on stage against YCDT who have their shit together. They did not come to play in any form or fashion.

ycdt supastarz beat dancing dolls bring it lifetime 2015

The Dancing Dolls do their thing and Andre comes out able to dance with the girls.  Their energy is up, they are shaking it and their personality is back.

In the end, even with their last call rally, DD didn’t place in the creative dance competition nor the stand ballet. YCDT took first place in both. You could feel their desire and it showed. They definitely earned that award, and it’s good for the Dancing Dolls to realize that if you want to stay on top, you can’t get complacent which was what Miss D was so frustrated about. Sometimes you need to break down before you really break through.

It was so much emotion in the afterward and the girls feel bad so I’m sure they are going to destroy the competition next week.