BRING IT! Ep 211 Recap: Baby Dancing Dolls Roar

miss d trying to train baby dancing dolls or bring it 2015

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This week, on Bring It! it’s all about the Baby Dolls as they compete against the Baby Prancing Tigerettes in the Battle of the Babies.

The pressure is on the Baby Dolls just as much as it is for the older Dancing Dolls every week because the stakes are always high. The “big girls” are there during  practice to help them get their stuff together and to make sure they are able to get the routines.  Their presence also adds for a heighten state of emergency because the younger ones know that they are being watched by the girls that they aspire to be like

miss d trying to train baby dancing dolls or bring it 2015

This week too, we are introduced to the Baby Dolls’ moms for the first time this season and they are off the chain. They do not hold back with the other mom’s in letting them know that their girls are just as good. In fact, they ask them why they are there at practice because their girls are not even dancing this week .

These group of women are definitely pettier than the others. They take their spots outside with the regulars and make it no secret that they don’t really care for them.

Tawantza,, Zatia’s mom, says that she is not going to take any sides. “ I am Mutual Mary.” Her daughter was just a Baby Doll last year and she feels a certain kind of way about the way the main moms treat and talk to her.  The Baby Dolls’ moms do not back down and tell the others, “We are sharing this window today.”

Just like it happens with the Dancing Dolls, Diana has a solo try out and cuts. Destini and Haleigh dance off for the lead and I have to say that these little babies are good for their age. Their energy is through the roof and they are hitting every move. Diana ends up choosing Haliegh because not only did she dance well, her personality speaks just as much as her movements. Her mother goes crazy with excitement because she got the part. “I will give her whatever she wants right now.”

The night before the competition, the girls still don’t see to have it together which makes her very frustrated “I’m looking at them, and it doesn’t look good.” She decides to have the big girls “stand in” as the Baby Prancing Tigerettes to give them a feel of what is it going to be like the day of the competition.

Let me interject here how interesting it is to see the interaction between the two sets of moms again because I just can’t get over how much they hate on each other. I do not understand it. All of their girls are on the same team so why would they not get along? There seems to be a low-key beef between them and they compare their baby dolls to the big girl dancing dolls.  This just goes to show how women can be because the truth is, they should not be going back and forth outside the dollhouse, They should be supporting each other.

The day of the competition comes and the tensions are high. This is one of the rare times the Baby Dolls gets to shine. They have to do it all by themselves without the help of the big girls and that is a big deal

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Of course the mom’s are still showing their asses and throwing shade all over the place. There must really be some stuff that went down or that goes down that we don’t see because the cattiness is on 110 between the baby dolls and the dancing dolls moms. The new group is a lot more vocal about how they feel and one in particular keeps sticking it to the regular moms. Kayla’s mom, nonetheless, keeps her cool but that doesn’t stop her from putting them right back their places.

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The first competition is the solo dance and all of the girls are looking good. Haleigh does her thing and she pulls it over nicely. Then the stand battle comes, th girls go out there and they do such a good job. Looking at them, they don’t even look like Baby Dolls. They look like the big girls out there. The Prancing Tigerettes do their routine and then some smaller Tigerettes dressed like baby dolls come out to “dance.” Then one of the coaches comes out dressed like a garbage man, with a trashcan, picks up the imposter baby dolls and throws them away. This was creative but it was too much for me.  They do some other stunts where the act like they are eating a barbequed baby doll. Yea I know… creepy.

In the end, the Baby Dolls come in second place for the solo competition which Haleigh’s momma is not happy about. The baby Tigerettes take first place in the competition and they also win first place in stand battle. For the record, I don’t think that they were that great. They had too many gimmicks and I am actually surprised that they won.

baby dancing dolls vs baby prancing tigerettes bring it recap 2015

The Dancing Dolls took a break this week with the Battle Royale coming up soon. I have no doubt that it is going to be all that you expect and more.