BRING IT! 218 Dancing Dolls Meet Tanisha Scott’s Big Apple

bring it recap tanisha scott with dancing dolls bitter apple 2015

bring it big apple bitter apple recap 2015 imagesThe Dancing Dolls get a taste of New York dance life on this week’s Bring It!,” and Diana ups the stakes so that the girls will be prepared for at for their next competition, the No Excuses dance off. Their rival this week is the Prancing Tigerettes (PT) from Memphis, TN whose coach Quincy, Dianna calls her “frenemy.” She also takes six girls with her to NYC to work with renowned hip-hop choreographer Tanisha Scott.

Now the parents are more excited than the girls it seems because they get to go New York too. Well, actually only Mimi and Tina are going (their girls were two of the six chosen) which pisses Selena all the way off. Sunja is also going and for the life of her, she can’t understand why she, as her mother, has been left out. Mimi doesn’t help the situation either. She runs down a list of all the things Selena is always “not happy” about which is petty on her part. I feel Selena on this. I mean, yes she is over the top and she is a diva, but she should be able to go too.  She makes her way to give Dianna a piece of her mind but Mimi stops because she doesn’t want to be like Tawantza (her daughter was kicked off the team because she could not get along with Diana). Selena gets herself together and sits her ass down.

The captain spot this week is between Camryn, Makalah and Crystianna. For the record, I don’t think that Camryn is the best dancer on the team because honestly there are others who are just better than her and I think that is why, despite Mimi thinking it was a given for her daughter to be the next team captain, Diana is trying others out. This week, the winner is Crystianna, who is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with and needless to say, Mimi ain’t happy.

bring it recap tanisha scott with dancing dolls bitter apple 2015The selected six head to New York and take in everything that the city has to offer. They meet with Tanisha and she gives them great pointers and techniques for them to incorporate in their routines. Now, back at the Dollhouse, some of the parents (lead by Selena) sneak into the girls’ practice, which is being run by Marcus, one of team’s assistants. Hmmmmm, I wonder how Miss D is going to feel about that.

Dianna calls him on face time and he does not hold back, showing her who snuck into the practice. She tells them to get the hell out as they try to hide their faces. Really moms, are you that scared of Dianna? Come on.

The day of competition is here and Dianna does not feel confident in what the girls are doing. Because of their trip to New York, they are not prepared since it’s the first time they have danced together in four days. The trio is just not looking good. So she makes the decision to pull out of that particular competition.

The moms do not agree with their decision. Rittany, Crystianna’s aunt, believe that that choice is in direct contrast to what she teaches the girls about trophies not mattering. The girls feel a certain kind of way about it too because they would have liked to have at least tried.

It’s time for the stand battle. The Prancing Tigerettes go up against the Pearls of Perfection from Georgia and even Dianna has to admit that they are looking better than PT. The judges must have agreed because… PT loses and does not advance to the next round! Quincy is livid because the Pearls did some kind of move after the music was off and he feels like they should be disqualified for it. He expresses this to the MC and she talks to the judges who stand by their choice. So he gathers up his team and leaves before the competition is over.

This leaves DD to dance against the Pearls, which is an interesting twist because Dianna really wanted to battle PT. The two teams make their way to the floor. Crystianna kills it as captain, which should make Camryn very nervous in the overall run for the top spot.

In the end, DD comes out on top and Dianna is overjoyed, especially being that the girls didn’t compete in the trio category. It is a good confidence boost after loosing last week to the Infamous Dancerettes too.

Kayla calls Tanisha Scott to share their win with her and she is super excited to hear the good news.

The Dancing Dolls continue to get strong each week and it’s all leading up to the biggest of completion of the year, Summer Jam.