Billy Wickman talks ‘Supernatural’ Skittles and Elvis Katz

billy wickman talks supernatural skittles and elvis katz interview 2016 images

Billy Wickman talks 'Supernatural' Skittles and Elvis Katz 2016 images

With a Supernatural character name like Elvis Katz, how could you go wrong? From playing a Sam fan (asking what it was like being Lucifer’s vessel) to being possessed by a crossroads demon … lots. Billy Wickman plays Elvis and plays him very well …

billy wickman on 719 supernatural episode

He might look familiar as he also appeared on Supernatural 719 investigating a haunted house.

Tell us about your character, Elvis Katz.

When you meet Elvis, he has already accepted his good friend Asa’s death, as it’s a dangerous business in which we’re involved. Elvis became a demon hunter for the excitement, camaraderie, and possible underground fame. He knows the Winchester stories and would love nothing more than to be in one. Now that he is in one, Elvis has left the building.

Where you familiar with Supernatural before you were cast?

Absolutely! My wife watches and my friend Ivan is a super-fan (he’s gonna lose his mind when he reads that). Also, this being season 12, the show has been integral in developing the Vancouver film industry to what it is today.

jensen ackles with skittles portrait

Do you have any behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

I reminded Jensen of a story he’s told (video below), about walking into an electronics store to find a shocked young woman with a Skittles mosaic portrait of HIM in progress on the floor. He was floored to hear that that weirdo woman is now my lovely wife. We had a good laugh about that spooky, coincidental, almost Supernatural experience;)

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ALT: John Badham (our director) is an incredible man. Name anyone in the film industry over the last 50 years; John has a great story about them. He is super knowledgable about Film and always cracking jokes; Dad jokes, but jokes.

billy wickman on supernatural with director

What did you enjoy most about filming with the cast?

After this many seasons, my dudes have developed great chemistry with each other and the crew. Everyone is on the same page and in a good mood. They welcome guest actors, making it comfortable for you to explore your character. Jensen has clearly been in a lot of knife fights because we choreographed ours outside the stage in about 20 minutes. Jared and I enjoyed working together on a Christmas movie years ago, and he’s still funny as ever.

billy wickman chairs movie tv tech geeks interview

Do you have any current projects that you’d like to share?

I have been heating up lately, check episodes of Prison Break, Rogue, and Timeless soon. Also, watch for me next year in Loudermilk and War for the Planet of the Apes.