BIG BROTHER Season 17 Premier Recap: Another Twisty Summer

big brother season 17 premier recap images 2015

big brother season 17 premier recap images 2015On the season premiere of Big Brother, Julie Chen announced that new twists in the game would be announced. The eight house guests were then introduced. Each guest said a few words about themselves to help viewers get to know them. The house guests then met each other and began the competition. Julie Chen told them the last house guest standing wins the game.

The guests were sent to the Big Brother house in two separate groups. Two girls and two guys were sent to the house first, followed by another set of girls and guys. Each house guest checked out their surroundings and then introduced themselves to each other. They then discovered a bottle of champagne and opened. Each guest took a turn talking about themselves.

Da’vonne said that even though she’s a poker player she wanted the other guests to think she was a school teacher. Audrey then announced she was the first transgender person ever to compete on Big Brother. She was praised for being so honest about her gender and she admitted this was the first time on a public forum she revealed that she is transgender.

Audrey said she was nervous the guys would be running the show and that she sensed strong vibes from the other ladies. Shelli said the other two looked like they would be good competitors for her. They discussed communicating carefully this season and that they really wanted a woman to win Big Brother. Audrey also said that her family tried to get her professional when she became transgendered. Da’vonne said she felt Audrey was exaggerating to the others about her life.

The house then gathered to talk to Julie Chen via video chat, where Chen revealed two twists in the game. A Battle of the Block was announced for this season’s competition. Every week four guests would be on the chopping block and would have to compete in teams of two. Chen then announced a head of the household was going to be chosen based on the winner of the first competition of the season. Da’vonne volunteered to sit the first competition out because someone had to.

The head of household competition was then introduced to viewers and the competition began. The competition was called flying tomatoes and the first guest to catch 10 tomatoes and put them in a container would win and become head of the household. Jace said he thought he had the upper hand on this competition. James was the first one to catch six tomatoes. He said he wanted to win the competition so the other guys would know he was a strong opponent.

Julie then announced the second twist in the game. There would be a new twist every week for the entire season. A takeover will be in effect every week and the guests were told to expect the unexpected. Austin said this meant the game would never settle down and peoples’ true colors would be showing very soon.

The last twist was revealed to the studio audience and viewers at home and was called the twin twist. One guest has an identical twin and the twist is her twin will pretend to be her in the Big Brother house without any of the guests knowing it. If the twin wins competitions they can move into the house and compete using their own identity.