‘Big Bang Theory’ 912 Sales Call Sublimation Recap

big bang theory 912 sales call sublimation recap 2016 images

big bang theory 912 sales call sublimation recap 2016 imagesOn last week’s episode of “The Big Bang Theory,” Amy and Sheldon had a video conversation because she was away at a conference. Then Raj, Leonard and Howard came into Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment and Sheldon told them since Amy was away for the weekend they could entertain him.

Penny came home and said she had a bad day at work because she was trying to get an appointment with a doctor to sell him pharmaceuticals to prescribe to his patients. She wasn’t able to get the appointment, so it was suggested Leonard make one as a patient and use the opportunity to get Penny a meeting with the doctor.

At Bernadette and Howard’s house, Stuart told them that because they were having the house renovated he would move out and get his own place. At Raj’s office, Sheldon kept asking him what he was doing. Raj then asked Sheldon to go through old computer files and see if he could find anything that would help Raj with his work.

Leonard met with the doctor, who was a psychiatrist. When she met Leonard, she recognized his last name because she was familiar with his mother’s work as a doctor. Leonard then started talking about his strained relationship with his mother.

Bernadette and Howard helped Stuart pack up his car to move. As soon as he was gone, Howard stripped to his underwear just because he could. At Raj’s office, he and Sheldon discovered information on a medium sized asteroid even though were hoping for a bigger discovery.

Leonard went home and told Penny that his appointment with the doctor had gone well. He also told Penny that doctor had said she would be happy to meet with her so Penny could sell her the new pharmaceuticals.

Howard and Bernadette cleaned the bedroom Stuart had been using and discussed what to do with it. They discussed that Stuart hadn’t called them to let them know he was settled into his new place. Then they realized that even though he got on their nerves when he lived there, they missed him now that he wasn’t around.

At Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment, Sheldon, Leonard and Raj talked about what they would name the asteroid. Leonard suggested they name it after their girlfriends to show them how much they care.

When Penny met with the doctor, she made her sales spiel and asked the doctor if she had any questions. The doctor asked her what she was thinking when Penny sent Leonard in to land herself the appointment. Then the doctor asked her why she married Leonard and Penny said she didn’t want to talk about it.

In another video conversation, Sheldon told Amy he named an asteroid after her. Sheldon and Amy told each other they missed each other. At the same time, Howard and Bernadette admitted to themselves they missed Stuart.

Penny told the doctor that she sounds like Leonard’s mother because her and Leonard’s bedroom is filled with Star Wars memorabilia. She also said that Sheldon is their man-child that lives with them.