‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 305 Human triangles never work Caila, Ashley and Jared

In the second part of this week’s installment of Bachelor in Paradise, a new arrival to the camp threatens a blossoming relationship. Meanwhile, one bachelor pulls out all the stops in order to win over a fellow cast mate.

At the very end of last night’s episode, the infamous Ashley I. made her triumphant return to paradise. You may recall her from last summer’s season, in which she spent pretty much the whole show crying over Jared. This time around she claims that she only wants to “cry 3 times” during her stay in paradise.


When Ashley arrives Chris Harrison, who questions her on what the current status of her relationship with Jared is, greets her. Ashley confesses that she could “never be friends” with Jared and is hoping to move on from their fling. Inevitably, Jared is completely shocked when he sees his ex walk into paradise. Ashley proceeds to pull him aside, where Jared admits that he has a blossoming relationship with Caila. This confessional triggers a total meltdown on Ashley’s part, as she gushes to the twins Haley and Emily about how Caila promised her she would never go for Jared. Ashley claims that Caila had told her that Jared “wasn’t her type” and so seeing Jared with her makes everything that much harder for her to accept.

After she (somewhat) gets herself composed, Ashley pulls Caila to the side to get the complete 4-1-1 on what is happening between her and Jared. Caila apologizes for hurting Ashley but says she didn’t intend to fall for Jared. She goes on to explain that she couldn’t help but want to explore their potential relationship further after all of the good talks they’ve had and the romantic horseback riding date they enjoyed together. Ashley’s one-on-one with Caila doesn’t end up helping, and she leaves the convo titling Caila a “backstabbing whore of a friend.”

Following her chat with Caila, Ashley once again talks privately with Jared. She tells him that she has a date card, but has no interest in going on it with anyone but him. Jared winds up convincing her to ask good ol’ Canadian Daniel.

Eventually, Ashley complies and invites Daniel on her date and they go for a romantic, private dinner. Back at camp, Sarah confesses that she is a bit afraid that Ashley and Daniel will hit it off. However, during the dinner Ashley’s mind is clearly focused on Jared – so much so she doesn’t even get a chance to appreciate Daniel’s incredibly sarcastic humor.

Later, Jen from Ben Higgins’ season arrives into paradise and gives Nick some hope. In confessional, Nick admits that he has been discouraged by the fact that he has made no romantic connections yet (except with Amanda who was subsequently swept away from him by Josh).  While Daniel offers to pay Jen to take him on her boat date, Jen ends up inviting Nick to be her partner for the day.bachelor in paradise nick viall bulge for water sports

While on their date, Jen confesses to Nick that she is very attracted to him, and she was hoping to meet him. This seems to help Nick wipe his memory of his lost love Amanda, as he tells Jen that he is very interested in her as well.

Meanwhile, back at camp Evan is seen getting a visit from a medic. Due to swelling in his ankles, Evan has been taking medication. However, the medication has been causing for him to feel dizzy and out of it. Thus, the medic ends up ordering him to go to the local hospital so he can be properly supervised. While Evan is not too thrilled that he has to spend the day in a stuffy hospital room, he decides to take it as an opportunity to steal Carly away on a ‘date.’ Hesitantly, Carly complies and opts to join Evan for his hospital stay. Although Carly realizes that his last medical emergency could have well been a ploy to get her to stay in his bed, she admits that she has fallen back on the “Evan train.” While at the hospital, Carly and Evan seem to finally be meshing well. In confessional, Carly admits that she is seeing Evan in a different light, and there may be hope for a relationship between them.

The last portion of the episode is dedicated to the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Despite all the drama with Ashley, Jared is determined to give his rose to Caila and further explore their connection. Prior to the ceremony, he pulls her aside and offers an apology for all of the recent drama that has been plaguing their budding relationship. Not long after, Ashley once again grabs Jared and professes her deep-rooted love for him. She tells him, ”I ‘ve never felt for anyone the way I feel for you.” Evidently frustrated with the situation, Jared claims that he no longer wants to be in paradise. He bluntly tells Ashley that he has no interest in staying amidst all of the recent chaos.

You can catch more Bachelor in Paradise next Monday, August 22 on ABC.