Atlanta Falcons In-Depth Week 3 Preseason Recap: vs Miami Dolphins

atlanta falcons indepth recap week 3 vs miami dolphins reccap 2015 images nfl

atlanta falcons indepth recap week 3 vs miami dolphins reccap 2015 images nflFalcons v. Dolphins

Game Summary: All you need to know about this game is that Matt Ryan got roughed up on three sacks. The Dolphins have a very good defensive front. We all know that. They got 70% better the moment Ndamukong Suh signed on the dotted line.

The Phins got another fine game from Ryan Tannehill who threw for 145 yards while playing less than two full quarters. He connected to Jarvis Landry for a big 46 yarder that helped his team to a 13-9 win.

The Falcons are lucky to have a solid kicker like Matt Bryant on the roster. He was the lone scorer for his crew in this game. That won’t be enough once the real season commences. As a fellow bald man, I love Bryant, but I don’t want him dominating the scoring for the Birds each week.

Matt Ryan finished the game 3 of 7 for just 49 yards. There was no help from the run game which was basically nonexistent.

The Falcon’s o-line blocked no better for T.J. Yates. He was batted around also. Third downs were hard to watch.

The Birds defense handled Miami’s run game better from the second quarter on. O’Brien Schofield laid a nasty hit on Miami backup Matt Moore. Hope to see more of the same with Quinn’s scheme this year.

In the third quarter Atlanta had a chance for another touchdown but were completely stuffed on third and goal. They tried for it again on fourth down. The result was even worse, with Miami sacking Yates yet again.

Game Highlights:

Julio Loves Arthur Blank:)

3 Things to Build On:

  • Devin Hester played well on offense catching two balls for 21 yards. He was a pleasant surprise on offense last year. He may be even more comfortable in that role in 2015.
  • Leonard Hankerson made a big impact in this third preseason game. He ended his night with three catches for 50 yards, his longest for 28. This guy came over to Atlanta after four season in Washington.
  • Adrian Clayborn had another impressive outing. He had a sack once again and has been a real boost to Atlanta’s pass rush each exhibition game so far. If he stays healthy, I’m looking for eight to nine sacks from him in 2015.

Lowlight of Game: Matt Ryan can’t be sacked three times in any game, much less a preseason event. This game had to give other Atlanta fans flashbacks to the gruesome Carolina game at the end of last year. The QB has to be protected especially when facing teams with nasty old school players like Ndamukong Suh. He tries to hurt passers even after the whistle (Rodgers stomp), so he sure doesn’t need to be anywhere near Ryan while the play is still happening.

Bonehead Play of The Game: Miami’s punter managed to mishandle a snap and got ran down by Vic Beasley. One job and this guy screwed it up. I don’t care that it was raining. Handle the snap fella.

Julio Watch: The kid from Alabama just changed his family tree for the long haul. He was already rolling in style, but getting $47 million guaranteed over the next five years should ensure his kids’ kids start life off with lots of privilege.

The contract is $71.25 million overall and puts him at the top spot for receiver guaranteed cash in the NFL. A.J. Green may move past that number ultimately though.

Arthur Blank seemed pleased to scratch a check to the guy they gave up so much to be able to draft in the first place. “We could not be more thrilled to make Julio a Falcon for life,” said Falcons owner Arthur Blank in a statement. “Julio has established himself as one of the top wide receivers in the NFL during his career and has already set the franchise record for receiving yards in a season. I am extremely proud of what he has accomplished and he has just begun to scratch the surface in terms of his potential.”

nfl tweetsTweets of the Game:

O-line has been a concern for a while. The flimsy elephant in the room is back. #BLOCK! #RyanSackLunch

Could be the worst job in America. Pays good so maybe just the most challenging. #MikeRowe

Not the most flattering analogy for the ATL’s backup QBs. #clipboardprom

The Browns seem to be on the flip side of a lot of success stories. #cursed

Some people still can’t let go of the Mike Vick era. #over