Atlanta Falcons In-Depth Week 2 Preseason Recap

atlanta falcons vs new york jets week 2 recap 2015 images

atlanta falcons vs new york jets week 2 recap 2015 imagesGame Summary – No one can complain about the Atlanta Falcons preseason games in terms of entertainment. In their first two exhibition games the point total is 107 points. Atlanta got the win in week one, but came up short against the Jets in week two, 30-22.

Things started out fine just like the contest with Tennessee. Mat Ryan took his offense right down the field with ease on Atlanta’s first drive that resulted in a TD. Ryan connected with Collin Mooney, a fullback of all things, for a 60 yard catch to set up the score. Matty Ice finished 4 of 5 for 75 yards before making a safe exit to the sidelines to think over real estate investments and other such millionaire problems. Ryan said during an in game interview that he is looking to be as mobile as possible while still staying out of harm’s way. The QB showed off more scrambling ability last year than at any point in his career.

The Falcons jumped out to a 14-0 lead before letting the Jets come back on them and eventually beat the Birds by eight. Ryan Fitzpatrick played well after a few of Atlanta’s starters left the game. The Jets QB has shown spurts of brilliance in the past then fell off soon thereafter.

The biggest standout from this game was Leonard Williams. The Jets’ 6th pick in the draft is looking to pay big dividends if he can keep up the QB harassment going forward. Williams got a sack for a safety, then added five tackles and another half a sack.

We Falcons fans got a taste of the Devin Hester thrill ride when he broke loose on a punt return for 59 yards. The guy may not be as fast as he once was, but what speed he has left is enough to kill most punting teams.

Atlanta heads to Miami next Saturday night to take on the Dolphins. This third preseason game should feature more from starters than we’ve seen thus far.

Game Highlights Youtube: The Birds were in another high scoring preseason affair. There are plenty of highlights to enjoy from New York. Atlanta come out on the short end of the stick after a fast start.

3 things to build on:

  • Matt Ryan has looked as good as any QB in the preseason. He is as steady as they come and a guy that deserves a Super Bowl appearance. “Deserves” means very little in sports so the Falcons have to earn that trip before Ryan’s window closes.
  • Not only Ryan, but Yates and Renfree have looked sharp in the new Falcons offense. Maybe Kyle Shanahan knows what he’s doing after all.
  • Vic Beasley played just enough to impress on Friday night. He had a blocked pass and one hit on the Jets’ QB. All I want from the rookie is to learn the game slowly and create as much havoc as he can until he figures the NFL out. Then I’ll want to see him dominate.

Lowlight of game for Atlanta: T.J.Yates threw a bad pass to the outside that was picked by the Jets’ Jamari Lattimore. The QB2 has to clean that up. Ryan is the man, but Yates is a bad hit away from QB1 status. He has to be up to the task on every play.

falcons leaning on jets week 2 preseason recap 2015Bonehead Play of the Game: Giving up a safety is never a positive thing for an offensive line. The only positive is that T.J. Yates wasn’t maimed, and it wasn’t Matt Ryan who took the sack in the first place. Leonard Williams is a guy you might want to at least put some hands on before he puts his hands on your quarterback. #block

Julio watch: Wasn’t much to see in New York for #11. Jones was shutout, but did draw an interference call on Darrelle Revis that helped the Falcons to an eventual TD.

Roddy White made his thoughts on Julio’s upcoming new deal last week, saying his boy needs to get paid soon. White is right and the cash is coming.

Twitter highlights:

  • This is good news for Falcons fans. Only a limited number of preseason snaps left for guys with dings and bruises.

  • Atlanta kicker Matt Bryant really did outkick his coverage with @MelissaGBryant. Dude has 7 kids so I hope he keeps being clutch for my Falcons. He will need that game check for about 32 more years.

  • Who is on the chopping block as roster cuts get closer? The not so fun part of pre-season ball.

  • Matt Ryan on Hester setting up the offense, “You love a lot of times getting that short field. … it was a good start for us tonight. But across the board we’ve got a lot of areas where we need to get better.”  More Falcons’ quotes from Twitter.