‘American Crime Story’ goes deep on Katrina and no more ‘Kock’ for Khloe Kardashian

american crime story goes for hurrican katrina 2016 gossip

american crime story goes for hurrican katrina 2016 gossip

Even though FX’s American Crime Story just wrapped up its first season, its crew is already in the process of creating the basis for the next season. As most of you know, the first season was based on the O.J. Simpson trial. However, just like FX’s series American Horror Story, the show is set to take on a whole new case in its follow-up season.

The American Crime Story team is reportedly exploring the crimes and injustices that took place in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. According to the show’s executive producer Nina Jacobson, they have already started to dive into “Katrina as a crime and the crimes within it.” In addition, they are currently trying to “find the characters and anchor [the second season] all in character.” Evidently they are aiming to follow a very similar set-up to the first season, as they placed a huge emphasis on the personal lives of the people involved in the O.J. trial (i.e. Marcia Clark, Chris Darden, Johnnie Cochran, etc.) and allowed audiences to see the story from a different perspective. In an interview, Jacobson confirmed, “[Our job is] to take an event that people think they know and give them fresh eyes to see it from the perspective of the character.”

While there are going to be plenty of similarities between the first and second season, fellow executive producer Brad Simpson revealed there is one key difference that will really take the second season to the next level. Brad stated, “Katrina will be very different in that you won’t know the outcome. Who lives, who dies – it’s all going to be true stories.”

Ryan Murphy has said in interviews that the show will follow a smaller group of six to eight people, and unlike “People v OJ Simpson,” they won’t be based on real life people.

It has already been confirmed that Courtney B. Vance, who played the charismatic Johnnie Cochran in season one of the show, will be returning to take on another role. In addition, John Travolta (who portrayed Robert Shapiro in the past season) is also hoping to return for the series next installment. He’s already pitched a plotline idea…with himself as the lead, I’m sure…

“These men had lost their families and lost their homes, and yet they were still looking for [other] survivors because no one had arrived at the scene yet,” he said. “Then this big brute of a guy looked at me and started sobbing. He held me and I held him, and I didn’t even know him. It was because I was a familiar face, and in this chaos it was the first sign of help. If I had arrived there, it meant that help was on its way. I love that moment. I don’t know what they’re going to write, but that moment alone is equivalent in this last episode to when [attorney Christopher Darden] hugs the Goldman family. It’s that kind of thing, and at some point that has to happen.”

Undoubtedly there will be plenty of more details released regarding the storyline and cast as the second season continues to take shape. Another thing Murphy has made sure to state is that the show is not looking to serve as an indictment of George W. Bush who had a serious lapse of response time on this national disaster….but that’s just plain fact…and you can’t get away from the truth.

no more kock for khloe kardashian 2016 gossip

Despite her ability to recruit some pretty impressive guests, Khloe Kardashian’s latest show Kocktails with Khloe has been canceled after a mere 14 episodes.

On Wedneday the show’s home network FYI released a statement regarding the decision, stating:

Kocktails with Khloe will end its run on Wednesday, April 20. FYI and Pilgrim Media Group appreciate everyone’s great work on the series and are pleased that the show brought new viewers and significant numbers to FYI’s linear and digital platforms. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Khloe and thank her for her hard work and unique voice that she brought to the series.”

While the network’s statement seems to imply that the situation was civil, other sources are reporting that FYI decided to jump ship as they felt Khloe “checked out” over the past few weeks. Unfortunately, this could very well be the case, as Khloe has been dealing with a lot in her personal life. Just a few days ago Lamar Odom was photographed drinking at a bar, which rightfully upset Khloe as he is in the midst of recovering from a very serious drug overdose. In addition Khloe’s brother Rob just proposed to his girlfriend of 3-months Blac Chyna, who Khloe is reportedly not all too fond of.

Although her talk show is coming to a close Khloe will still be on our TV screens, as the reality star is featured in the upcoming season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which returns Sunday, May 1 on E!