Academy Awards: Actors with most Oscar nominations but least wins

Ethan Hawke

Nominations: 4

  • Actor in a Supporting Role – 2002 – “Training Day”
  • Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – 2005 – “Before Sunset”
  • Writing (Adapted Screenplay) – 2014 – “Before Midnight”
  • Actor in a Supporting Role – 2015 – “Boyhood”

Ethan Hawke is considered by some the quintessential Gen-X actor, starring in the generation-defining “Reality Bites” and favoring his own artistic explorations in small indie films, writing novels and founding his own theater company instead of going after big Hollywood paydays (though he occasionally went into this territory for films like “Gattaca” and “Training Day”). He is a frequent collaborator with director Richard Linklater.

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