Marsha Mason

Nominations: 4

  • Actress – 1974 – “Cinderella Liberty”
  • Actress in a Leading Role – 1978 – “The Goodbye Girl”
  • Actress in a Leading Role – 1980 – “Chapter Two”
  • Actress in a Leading Role – 1982 – “Only When I Laugh”

Born in St. Louis, Mo., Marsha Mason was a prolific stage actress, acting in the daytime CBS drama “Love of Life” before really beginning her film career in 1973 in “Blume in Love.”

Over the next few decades she had career-defining roles in “The Goodbye Girl,” “Heartbreak Ridge” and “Drop Dead Fred.” Since 2004, she has resurged in television as a guest star on series like “The Good Wife” and “The Middle.”

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