Irene Dunne

Nominations: 5

  • Actress – 1932 – “Cimarron”
  • Actress – 1937 – “Theodora Goes Wild”
  • Actress – 1938 – “The Awful Truth”
  • Actress – 1940 – “Love Affair”
  • Actress – 1949 – “I Remember Mama”

Though she hoped to become a famous opera singer, Irene Dunne’s singing, dancing and flair for comedy led her to a successful career on Broadway and the silver screen. She excelled in dramatic films like “Penny Serenade,” as well as musicals and comedies like “The Awful Truth,” making her one of the most multi-faceted performers of the ’30s and ’40s. Dunne is considered one of the finest American actresses never to have won an Academy Award.

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