Aaron Hernandez Retrial Due To Jury Corruption?

aaron hernendez retrial for jury corruption 2015

aaron hernandez seeks new trial 2015 jury issues

As we told you long ago, Aaron Hernandez’s saga was far from over, and now his attorneys are looking to get the former New England Patriots former football star back to square one by overturning his murder conviction due to possible jury corruption. They are looking to have Hernandez get a new trial because they feel that one of the jurors might have considered evidence against him that wasn’t introduced at trial.

That’s one area that gets very muddled and confusing, especially when information is snuck in by a lawyer and the judge tells the jury to disregard that. I’ve always wondered how a jury can just simply ‘forget’ something that might have been pretty big.

His attorneys, have filed four motions asking that their client’s verdict be overturned because of this matter. In plain terms, they say that a jury found out something he or she shouldn’t have and used that in determining his guilt. With as much coverage as the arrest, indictment and trial had, it wouldn’t be too hard for something like that to happen. The documents have been sealed from the public, so it’s unclear what the juror was exposed too.

During the trial, Judge Garsh did rule to withhold certain evidence or testimony from the trail like the fact that Hernandez hadn’t been charged for a separate double-homicide or that one of the prosecutor’s witnesses alleged the football player shot him in the face to silence him. This evidence had been deemed too prejudicial against Hernandez.

Besides being convicted of the June 2013 killing of Lloyd, Hernandez is also facing double murder charges in connection with a drive-by shooting outside a downtown Boston nightclub in the summer of 2012.

aaron hernendez retrial for jury corruption 2015

Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado both died in a hail of bullets as they waited at a stop light and a trigger-man opened fire from a vehicle that pulled up alongside them. Police have since speculated Hernandez shot the victims because one of them accidentally spilled a drink on him inside the club and failed to apologize.

With a ruling in their favor, Hernandez’s attorneys may be granted the right to question one or more of the jurors about potential developments.

During the trial, the jury was never sequestered making it more than reasonably possible that one of them may have been exposed to other information or allegations lodged against Hernandez.

The 25-year-old Hernandez has also been accused of shooting another man, Alexander Bradley, in the face in the heat of an argument, resulting in the man losing sight in his right eye.

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