8 Alternatives to voting in the 2016 Presidential Election

8 Alternatives to voting in the 2016 Presidential Election images

8 Alternatives to voting in the 2016 Presidential Election images

OK, we’ve established how little I think of the 2016 presidential election. I don’t see what all the uproar is about when there is no doubt in my mind that it will be business as usual no matter who wins this race.

Donald Trump will keep the dirty business of politics rolling along just like it was before Obama came into power. Just like things ran when Reagan was running the show back the 1980s.

Hillary Clinton will make no big changes either. She’ll go with the same routine her old man had back in the 90s.

And the band plays on. And on. And on.

Now I know it’s not enough for me to tell all you voters that you are wasting your time with your vote. But I like to stir the pot, and I really do believe voting for Prez is a poor use of your time.

Yet, I refuse to leave you hanging. I’m not here to just criticize the democratic process when it comes to choosing POTUS. I’ll give you some real options for things you can do on Election Day that will impact your life more than casting a vote will do.

Don’t believe it?

Just think about the top 8 list below, before you toss aside the idea. Hillary, nor Donald can do for you, what you can do for yourself. For your family and community.

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8. Start a business. You think all businesses are the nasty kind that treat employees like crap? Well, don’t wait on Trump or Clinton to change that shit. Do it yourself. You can start any business you choose and hire people to help you once you get it off the ground. No law that says you can’t treat workers with dignity and pay them a fair wage for both parties.

Give people in your family the option of working for you instead of Walmart, where many of their associates have to have government assistance just to buy groceries.

7. Travel. If you think this country is lost, even before the new President is announced, you need to know some options. Research other places to live. Just because you were born here in the good ole USA, doesn’t mean you have to live here forever. This may not be the best country on Earth for you. I think the place is pretty damn great still, but there are other options I’d like to try myself.

6. Take a class and level up. You can better your position in life by getting the right training for your particular situation. Donald Trump isn’t coming over to teach you how to be a hair stylist. And Hillary doesn’t have time to train you to be an internet security guru. But you can learn both on your own time. And for free, if you search hard enough. All you need is the motivation to do so and the focus to complete the process.

5. Get away from all the noise of this election. If you must vote, do it early and leave the city for a while. Go on a long drive or a hike to clear your head. This has been the nastiest election in history, so we all need some cleansing. The last thing you need to do on Election Day is stay glued to Facebook as people hate on each other and their opinions on the results.

4. Talk to your own kids. We hear a lot about how this election will affect our children. “Can’t have Hillary deciding the fate of our daughters.” “What kind of role model is Trump for our sons?”

You have direct access to your offspring. If you let a politician control your kid’s mind and actions, you are a poor parent. Take some responsibility for how your kid grows up. You are the champion they need. Not a liar in a pantsuit, or a weirdo reality TV star.

3. Help someone who can’t help you back. Go do something nice for someone. Trust me, you will be one of the few who are not slinging mud on November 8th. TV and social media with have all the negativity one can stomach.

You don’t have to participate. There are plenty of folks in your own town who could use some help. A coat, a box of food, or just a kind word on the street.

2. Volunteer for the long run. Pick an organization that’s doing something cool for others who are less fortunate than most of us. You’ll get to be around positive people who are doing good on a face to face basis.

By the way, you will receive more goodness than you can ever give away when you dedicate yourself to a good cause over a year’s time or more.

1. Run for office if you think you can make a difference on a local level. County and city governments can actually make a difference in your neighbors’ lives, and your own for that matter.

All’s not lost in the democratic process when we’re talking a few hundred or a couple thousand voters. Good politicians do exist, outside of Washington D.C.

If you want to aim for Congress or even POTUS, you will need to get involved with some shady activities first. If not, you’ll be crushed by the dirtiest players in the game.

See. There are viable options for folks on November 8th.

Trust me, any one of those on the list is a better choice than either candidate.