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‘Walker’ Back in the Saddle brings more ‘Supernatural’ fans in

Jared Padalecki's Walker episode 2 Back In the Saddle brought some elements from Supernatural in Lynn's indepth review.

Jared Padalecki brings shades of ‘Supernatural’ with his new ‘Walker’

Supernatural star Jared Padalecki's new series Walker aired to mixed reviews, and here is our #FangasmSPN giving her indepth look at the CW show.

Roku picks off Quibi’s content bones with under $100 million deal

Roku looks like they got a steal purchases Quibi's content for under $100 million dollars. Far below Quibi's valuation.

The Best Female Superheroes On the Big and Small Screen

Female superheroes have come into their own lately and here is a tribute to the best ones out there.

Social Media Influencer Marketing for 2021

2020 brought many changes to social media influencer marketing. Here is what to expect in 2021 to keep relevant.

Peloton thrives during 2020 pandemic

Peloton was one of the few companies to thrive during the pandemic as people went from gym to home workouts.

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